The hardest puzzle Revomaze

Published on September 29, 2009

The hardest puzzle Revomaze
    A certain Chriss Pete invented the most difficult puzzle in his words, which today has won all of Europe and continues to gain popularity with giant steps around the world.

    The puzzle is a metal or plastic cylinder with nuts on different sides that need to be rotated to pull out the axis.
    Different difficulty levels are offered: blue (50 points),
    Green (60 points)

    Bronze (80 points)

    Silver (90 points)

    , etc.

    Budget option, designed for mass sales

    Core + censored :) The

    puzzle is designed for any age of 12 years. There are also competitions with a prize pool of £ 5,000.00. The price of a product abroad ranges from £ 69.95 to £ 79.95.

    Puzzle dismantling video in 39 seconds: