Google charges cars for its employees for free

Published on June 11, 2011

Google charges cars for its employees for free

    Google said how much effort it puts into the infrastructure for electric vehicles under the RechargeIt program . Interestingly, work on this program began back in 2007, when not a single plug-in hybrid (that is, which can be recharged from an outlet) or an electric car was sold on the market . Such a forethought. But after four years, such cars became the main driver of the development of the foreign automobile industry, who could imagine this recently?

    Google was one of the first buyers of Toyota Prius cars and they specifically inserted A123 Hymotion batteries there so that they could be recharged. So there was a corporate fleet of electric vehicles Gfleet, which will consist of more than 30 cars of all manufacturers that only produce such equipment.

    Over the past couple of years, Google has built 221 ChargePoint gas stations around the office, and plans to supply another 250 in the near future. Charging is free for company employees - for this reason, some have already specially bought electric cars.

    In this way, Google is trying to contribute to protecting the environment and making parking around the office less noisy. They hope that soon, up to 5% of all cars in the parking lot will work exclusively on electricity.