#FailOverConf April 8th! We go to the finish line ...

Published on March 30, 2016

#FailOverConf April 8th! We go to the finish line ...

    So, we go to the finish line: before the 5th conference #FailOverConf , which will be held on April 8, there are less than 10 days left. And if it was held in the traditional format (offline and paid participation), we would now write: "Sorry, all tickets are sold."

    But ... At Bitrix, we believe that useful, practical knowledge and experience should be as accessible as possible. Therefore, despite the fact that all our wildest plans for registering participants have already been completed :), we simply expand the channels for broadcasting and invite you to participate - online, free, without SMS . :)

    Reliable fault-tolerant sites, performance, competent development and operation, monitoring, protection against hacking and attacks - these are all in the program. Announcements of the most interesting reports are under the cut.

    Badoo company already shared on Habré its experience in converting its infrastructure to PHP7. Case is serious and interesting. That is why we were pleased to invite colleagues to talk about him live. “How Badoo switched to PHP7 and saved $ 1M” - report by Yuri Nasretdinov (Badoo).

    “Import substitution” is already such a buzzword, right? Actually - not if we are talking about real products that have long been used in a professional environment. These products are PostgreSQL. And how to “cook” it correctly, Mikhail Kulagin will tell in his report “Options for building fault-tolerant systems based on PostgreSQL” .

    Another “fashion trend” is the Go language. Someone is already actively using it, someone just heard something. But the fact that language has occupied a serious niche in modern development is, of course, a fait accompli. Let's talk about it with Aleksey Naydenov: “Going to Failover: how does language affect architecture and why do fault-tolerant projects choose Go?”

    Bad is the project that does not dream of growing into a huge portal with a million daily audience. And then a beautiful day is coming: site counters show millions of hits per day! And this will end, if you do not prepare in advance for such activity. Monitoring, DevOps, scaling, searching for bottlenecks - in a report by Stanislav Mikhalsky, Technical Director of Mail.Ru Group media projects, “Mail.Ru Group Media Projects: workdays of the director of the amusement park”.

    Fault tolerance, speed and reliability are not only powerful hardware, the correct software settings and good code. These are also processes: development, testing, deployment. How to build them, will tell Ivan Mikheev (Agima): “Continuous Integration. Release management as it is .

    * * *

    This is about 1/4 of all reports. We will not describe them all here. :) Now it is possible and necessary:

    See you later! :)