"Is it true that Windows is bad?"

Published on December 03, 2007

"Is it true that Windows is bad?"

    Recently, I and Vadim Dumbravanu, my partner, had to drop by a notary public and sign a couple of documents on the affairs of the company. The law firm that serves us has sent a representative, dear girl Olga, a fourth-year student in the law faculty.

    While we stood waiting for paperwork, Olga decided to pass the time and had an interesting conversation.

    Olga: “Are you programmers?”

    Me: “Well, yes”

    Olga: “My friend came from the United States, bought a laptop there ... Apple. And he said that Windows is the worst operating system. Is that so? ”

    Wad (laughs, cannot answer): ...

    I (through laughter):“ Why does he think so? ”

    Olga:“ He said that Apple never breaks and viruses do not climb into it ”

    Me: “Ol, what is the best car in your opinion?”

    Olga: “... er Ferrari, of course!”

    Me: “Do you think it ever breaks down?” Well, in principle, can it break theoretically? ”

    Olga (puzzled):“ ... well, yes, I assume that it can break ... ”

    Me:“ That is if there were a lot of these cars in the city, it is possible that even services would appear, where they would be repaired? ”

    Olga:“ Well, all right ... Do you use Windows a lot? I watched his Apple, I didn’t understand anything. But only once looked. I myself work for Windows and whom I know for it. ”

    Vadim:“ Well, 90-95% sit on Windows. ”

    Olga:“ Hmm ... curious. And why then everyone buys Windows, if it is so bad? ”The

    dialogue continued, exactly I will not retell it.
    But we cheered the girl up, assuming that the guy wasn’t showing Apple to her at all ... They couldn’t finish the assumption, she nodded her head earlier ...