Monument to the Internet in St. Petersburg. Listening to public opinion

Published on August 17, 2011

Monument to the Internet in St. Petersburg. Listening to public opinion

    On Friday, in our blog, we announced our initiative on mass “Internetization” of St. Petersburg. On August 15, we submitted an application to the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture of St. Petersburg, in which we offer the authorities to give the green light to our project. And today we are opening a promotional site dedicated to the project.

    Cultural web-point, art object, monument - as you wish. This project will have to combine three functions at once: aesthetic, domestic and informational. You can admire the modern monument, you can sit on it. A wireless Internet access point will be installed on it, which anyone can use.

    In 1 year we want to establish 10 such access points throughout the city.

    The architectural appearance will be three letters "WWW" arranged in a row. Sitting on it should hold associations with the long-familiar phrase "I'm on the Internet."
    The first "WWW", which of course is not modest, we want to install in the city center, possibly on Malaya Sadovaya Street, or on Malaya Konyushennaya until the end of September.

    A competition will be announced soon for the design of the remaining nine objects. Send your suggestions to

    We hope the authorities approve, and the Petersburgers support. We believe that this project is very relevant today. Moreover, given that in modern society, everything is changing with great speed. And for a contemporary, in a modern city, in order to keep up with life and satisfy his needs, unlimited access to the Internet in the near future will be simply necessary.

    We understand that this idea may not please everyone - both the city authorities and architectural organizations. Perhaps society will also be dissatisfied. But we are ready to maintain a dialogue with everyone. Therefore, we invite you to vote on , and indicate your position on this project.