Cafe for freelancers

Published on March 11, 2011

Cafe for freelancers

    Recently, I have been working more and more as a freelancer and one obsessive idea constantly haunts me. It is not quite IT, for its implementation we need a good starting capital, plus it can really shoot only in a big city. Since I don’t have any acquaintances of millionaires who are ready for risky ventures, and it has been proved more than once that it’s impossible to sell the idea, I give it to everyone and I hope that someday it will be realized. I proposed this idea to several investors, but it looked like it did not find anyone's interest. Maybe you can give her life?

    Lyrical digression

    Watching myself, reading GTD blogs and just chatting with other freelancers, I realized that most have common problems working as a freelancer. Namely:

    1. Falling motivation - when working at home, many freelancers often begin to get distracted. Or it’s reading articles, studying new material, which are fascinating and contain links to continue. Understanding that the work is worthwhile, it is often difficult to distract from this activity: on the one hand it is part of the work, on the other - if there are no tight deadlines, no one urges. Laziness, domestic problems, visiting friends and other factors - constantly strike a blow to motivation. Regardless of who a person works with, when his schedule is described as “free,” the problems of motivation manifest themselves in one way or another.

    2. Distractions- working at home and living with his family, a freelancer is constantly faced with the fact that he is distracted from work. If the family has a small child, then it requires attention, and the wife, with difficulty, understands what is the focus on work and how hard it is achieved. The wife believes that you can distract by any trifle "well, are you sitting here, is it difficult for you to help me for 10 minutes?" Women in general are inherently overly sociable :) and can often be distracting without any need.

    3. Work loneliness- Many freelancers (if not all) came to work at home after office work. Having lost all the shortcomings of the office, they lost their virtues. Having colleagues is a healthy working atmosphere. Mutual assistance, moral support, communication and humor - are present in the team throughout the working day. Working at home - there are very few colleagues who are professionally passionate as well as you, who often help with advice. In addition, working in a circle of colleagues, you become infected with their enthusiasm and this solves the first problem.
    Free time, such as a lunch break, is also more pleasant to spend in a team. Live communication with professionals is an important factor that improves performance, makes the workflow saturated.

    4. Lifestyle- a freelancer, as a typical IT specialist (most often) does not eat very well and almost does not move unnecessarily. This leads to clear consequences. In the office, this is somewhat offset by group hobbies (games, going to the gym). If the freelancer is married and married successfully, then his wife will help him with nutrition. Perhaps she also promotes sports, but most often a freelancer during the years of homework damages her health and figure.

    What to do?

    The problem is solved by creating a hybrid office and cafe. Many come to work in a cafe for free wifi and good nutrition. However, cafe owners are unlikely to be delighted with such visits. And visitors do not contribute to focus on work. The solution is simple - we make a cafe, which is primarily for a freelancer. We supply part of the tables with partitions, some of them are completely isolated (cabins). Each place is equipped with high-speed Internet, there are cabinets (turnkey), a table lamp, a mouse pad and the like trifles. Of course there is a wardrobe and other amenities. In the cafe, of course, anyone can come, but the requirement for guests is to observe silence, the absence of drinking bouts and the like.

    More details

    The main visitors are freelancers, they rent tables, that is, they work for some time in the same place, setting it up for themselves. Minimum rental - say a month. Rent is not very high, because concluding an agreement, a freelancer stipulates a menu (which can be changed only after notifying) and subscribes to other bonuses. Such as going to the gym or swimming pool. A freelancer can rent a computer if he does not want to carry or work with a laptop. Extra goodies like a coffee machine or meeting rooms are also available for subscription. The number of options can be anything: take any office and adopt what is good. And we offer the freelancer to use this for a minimum price for the rental period. As mentioned above - tables are ordinary, with partitions and VIP - completely isolated, with air conditioning and sofa, for example. Yes, even with a private shower, although it is in any way common.

    The owner of the cafe - receives a set of guaranteed visitors, with a predefined menu, which will minimize costs. The owner, depending on the number of subscribers, enters into a partnership with a gym or an incoming trainer who conducts group classes. Distributors of vending machines, ATMs and terminals will also want to become partners (here everything will depend on the volume). In general, in order not to list the obvious development paths, it will suffice to say that it will be essentially an office without a boss. No bosses, but there is a team. True, everyone is busy with his own, but do you refuse to help a neighbor with whom you work side by side?

    Freelancer also solves his main problems. He is motivated by the need to work out the rent and the general staff, he eats according to the regimen from fresh products, no one distracts him at home, he has a free schedule, all the delights of working in the office are present, but there will not be a bad boss. And the coach reminds that it’s time to train. Isn't that a dream? :)

    Of course, additional costs. But considering that the freelancer will be a consumer of this cafe, the rent can be minimized. Depending on the rules that are adopted either by the team or the management of the cafe - you can enter fines, say for absenteeism. Let them be minimal, the main thing is that they stimulate not to skip work constantly. Well, the main incentive of truant: the money is dripping for the rent, you already paid lunch.

    Such an office, besides all the advantages, gives you a good idea about the employer. As mentioned, such a cafe must have a conference room where you can hold business meetings. Of course, you just need to stake out a free date for such a meeting in the calendar of events common to the cafe.

    Speaking of the general calendar. There will also be tools for managing your account at the office: extending the lease, adjusting the menu, “bring coffee” button, if you are too lazy to go to the vending machine with your legs :) Service is of course paid, all prices are stipulated in the contract. Using a certain account management system, you can make adjustments to the ordered options.

    Open office

    No, it's not about the program. We got an office that is open to everyone - both employees and investors. In fact, what happens is a ready-made team of professionals, which investors so dream of. A team can take on group projects, make teams in a team, etc. The leader can be chosen, or can just come from the side and, having ordered a free table for rent, immediately start working with a ready-made team. And this is not all the prospects. The owner of such a cafe - he can take orders and solve them with the help of a team. And you can pay partly and in kind: extension of the lease with buns. This is of course a highly idealized option, provided that everything works out fine, but it seems to me when colleagues gather in a working environment and everyone is passionate about the same thing,

    How do you like the idea and how likely is it to implement, say in Moscow? Or maybe you already have a friend with a not-so-profitable cafe who will be interested in remaking it into such an office?