Targeted banner - a weapon of the modern headhuntera

Published on October 02, 2007

Targeted banner - a weapon of the modern headhuntera

    Today, my friend, the head of one of the major St. Petersburg studios, spoke about a new method of personnel removal.
    The other day, he unexpectedly discovered that when visiting from the office of most news resources, a banner of his competitors with an invitation to work is shown.
    Having estimated the amount of the advertising budget, he suspected something was amiss and went to the sites through a different IP address.

    All advertising spots had banners for regular advertising campaigns.
    And when entering from office IP, banners changed and invited to work for a competitor. In principle, there’s nothing technologically new - regular IP-targeted impressions.

    IMHO, this method of personnel removal has great prospects.

    It’s easy to calculate the competitor’s IP address.
    Setting up IP targeting as part of an advertising campaign is also easy.
    In principle, it is even possible to calculate a specific person and show
    banners only to him and with a specific proposal - “Aftandil, come to our work place. We have your favorite buns. ”

    It is clear that the easiest way to implement such an event is for online advertising agencies, or include such a mini-advertising campaign as part of a large one.

    PS Who wants the details of the story in detail and with pictures - see here .