Return privacy or big brother is following me on the standard settings. Part 3. Configure Facebook and Vkontakte

Published on April 16, 2013

Return privacy or big brother is following me on the standard settings. Part 3. Configure Facebook and Vkontakte

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In the first part, we talked about general settings for all browsers, casually walked through passwords, encryption and backup, and also somewhat complicated the life of Google.

In the second part, we saw how much statistics are collected on us even without using third-party “third-party” cookies, and talked about the use and configuration of VPNs in a simple language.

Today we’ll talk about privacy on social networks, since there were precedents even in the comments . However, so far a slight digression.

Judging by the comments, some of you think that ordinary people don’t need it. But here, for example, a recent discussion on “Reddit”, which shows how where you are from, how long you look for tickets and also social preferences, affects the price of tickets, which is shown to you in the form of purchase.
I bought a return flights to the Philippines a few days ago, just checked it with incognito mode ... .180 $ cheaper!
IF ... KNEW IT! I kept refreshing when I was buying airplane tickets and that f ... er kept going up when I hit the refresh button. It eventually went up by $ 100 extra dollars!
I had been searching for a specific itinerary for a few weeks, just checking on prices. I saw this on the front page and decided to try it out. $ 400 DIFFERENCE !!!!

If you do not know the language, you can read the excerpt in Russian here . If even after that you do not care, then humanity will nevertheless die out. Well, let's get back to social networks.


We go to the "facebook", click on the "asterisk" in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Account Settings".

In the "Security" tab, enable forced use of https, as well as a notification about entering mail, each time someone enters your username and password.

Now, bring the privacy tab to the following form ↓

By points:
1. All your new posts will be seen only by friends, not friends of friends and, moreover, not every person.
2. Using the third paragraph, limit the visibility of your past posts to the same friends. Ideally, delete everything, or almost everything, using the second item (action log). Make a habit of fasting as little as possible, and if you do this, then delete everything after a certain period of time (for example, after a couple of weeks) - anyway, it will not be interesting to anyone else (except for possible attackers). Photos are stored on your computer (do not forget to backup). Remember, everything that you say can then be used against you or your friends (which, for example, will be in your photos).
3. Disable the ability to find your profile via email address or phone number + indexing by search engines using the last two points.

Let's move on to the next tab “Chronicle and marks”. The point is to prohibit automatically tagging you in the photos of your friends; if someone marked you, then the mark should appear only if you explicitly confirm that you want to be marked in this photo. Also in this tab, we continue to reduce "visibility" to friends.
Set the tab in accordance with this screenshot:

So, I hope you already understood that you need to clean the list of friends, leaving there only those who really should see your materials. Try not to publish or tag anything on any photos. Clean your photo albums and posts. Try to publish less new ones (or delete them after a certain period of time).

In the “mobile version” tab, remove the attached phone number, if it is indicated there. Disable subscribers if this functionality is enabled in the “subscribers” tab.

The “applications” section is crucial. Surely you have a lot of junk there, which, however, has access to your profile (or, even worse, to your records). Delete unnecessary, and for the "necessary" select the "only me" mode - it will eliminate spam, which applications can publish on the wall on your behalf.

The last three points are extremely important in this tab. Do not allow other applications, websites and others to see any information about you except, perhaps, information on the network or not (if you are actively using Facebook chat). Turn off the personalization system (the penultimate paragraph) and set the restriction only for friends for older versions of clients (in the last paragraph).

Next, in the "Advertising" tab in both paragraphs, select "Nobody." By the way, since we are here, it’s important to say that you stop “liking” something outside of “Facebook” (or rather, on “Facebook” itself) - all your preferences will be used for different purposes (not one of them not like it).

"In contact with"

There are fewer settings and they are all in one place. However, this does not mean that “contact” in this regard is “better” - you can’t even turn off the possibility of using your preferences for advertising and other purposes (which means you need to be even more careful what you do).

First, in the general settings, force the use of a secure connection (if you do not have one, try logging in via ). Further recommended settings for privacy (set it even tougher in some points - only to your advantage) ↓

By the way, I was often asked what to do if a service requires a phone number, and you do not want to indicate it for various reasons. For these purposes, there are a bunch of services ("Google" to help), as an example, as not to be considered advertising, I recommend not to be too lazy and find another analogue). Their meaning is that they give for a while a virtual number, which comes from the SMS service with a confirmation code, which you enter in the right place.

So, again, the basic rules:
1. Do not like, plus, etc. (if you really itch, you can write a comment instead).
2. Go through your accounts and delete old posts and photos.
3. Post to a minimum and delete after a while (better not post).
4. In any photographs, turn off geotagging so that it cannot be used to calculate the place where the picture was taken. Do not post photos immediately (and if you are on vacation, then until you return from it).
5. Filter your friends list, delete random acquaintances.
6. Try not to use chat in the social. networks (by the way, delete all correspondence and letters - believe me, you will not re-read them, but they will be very useful to others; do not keep chats for more than a week, and letters for more than a year).
7. Teach your friends and relatives about all this (you can always hack not only your account, but also, for example, the girl’s account, where all your correspondence, photos, etc. are also symmetrically located).
8. From time to time, check that these settings are still active (you never know who returned the checkbox “save chat history” or “publish to everyone” in your absence).

In the next part, we’ll talk about iOS settings. As usual, I will be glad to comments and tips that will be surely included in this or subsequent parts.