Pidgin 2.6.4

Published on December 05, 2009

Pidgin 2.6.4

    The other day, version 2.6.4 of Pidgin, a multi-protocol client for instant messaging networks, was released.

    Despite the “minority” of the release, it contains a number of important improvements both in the shells (Pidgin and Finch) and in the kernel (libpurple):
    • implemented the “hold” function in the audio / video communication window;
    • MXit protocol added;
    • The editor of icons and emoticons appeared;
    • Fixed receiving offline ICQ messages - the function did not work with version 2.6.3. Do not be surprised if after the update you receive all your offline messages in one week at once;

    many other important changes.
    The settings dialog has also been seriously revised:
    • "Tabs" are now on the left side;
    • GNOME uses native proxy and browser settings by default;
    • sound and graphic themes are now combined into one tab "Themes".

    download link: pidgin 2.6.4