Audiomania # 3: A Brief Overview of ecommerce Materials

Published on April 25, 2016

Audiomania # 3: A Brief Overview of ecommerce Materials

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    We in Audiomania regularly prepare materials for Habr, GT and MM about our experience in the field of Russian ecommerce. Today we continue ( # 1 , # 2 ) the bulletin digest cycle with comments from the most popular materials on our topic.

    1. Delivery to the regions: the “Golden Bottom” or a source of headache

    • We at Audiomania do not agree that all decisions invented in the same US should be copied “verbatim”
    • The difference between Western and domestic ecommerce, despite such a borrowing, is quite large
    • The main differences are not how the stores work, but how their audience works.
    • In the United States, shoppers opt for online shopping, guided primarily by convenience.
    • In Russia, buyers are more often motivated by the opportunity to buy goods cheaper than offline

    • One of the most reliable sources for conversion growth is residents of large regional centers
    • Residents of the regions often do not buy online because the cost of delivery will significantly increase the amount of the order
    • It is very important not to allow a situation where a person begins to feel like a “second-class customer”
    • We have implemented a delivery calculator and a customer delivery quality assessment system
    • These innovations brought a 300% increase in the number of orders from the regions

    2. Knowledge is power: what role did experience, self-study and the involvement of experts play in the history of Audiomania

    • Audiomania grew in the spontaneous market of audio and television equipment that existed in Russia in the 90s
    • The ability to occupy the Hi-end niche was balanced by the fact that people knew very little about such a technique
    • One of the first steps in this direction was the launch of a listening room at the Prague Electronic Fair
    • With the advent of the online store Audiomania, the work on educating the audience has also gone online.
    • Educational content directly affects the average bill and the retention of regular customers

    • There are still a lot of myths in the field of audio systems that can and should be discussed.
    • So there was a thematic podcast “Sound”, in which experts of Audiomania, among other things, answer questions from listeners
    • In addition, the company decided to talk about why High-End can be affordable and how Arslab acoustics are made.
    • Customer education is not possible without working with qualified consultants
    • Employees advising clients choose their specialization

    3. Own brands as a tool for business survival in a crisis: the experience of Audiomania

    • The crisis has changed the connection of groups of goods, brands and target audiences of almost any business
    • The premium class has become average. And part of the buyers generally ceased to be the target audience of the company
    • Since the issue with the purchase has not gone away, people began to look for alternatives, compromises
    • The pursuit of brands was replaced by the search for optimal solutions for the tasks that the buyer would like to solve
    • Today, buyers of audio equipment are willing to come to a demonstration of brand equipment

    • Audiomania not only sells audio equipment, but since 2008 has been releasing its own acoustics under the Arslab brand
    • Own brands and the ability to manage production - a very powerful tool in a crisis
    • The Arslab brand is focused on Russia, and there are no intermediaries between production and the buyer
    • We are not trying to add to our assortment everything that is on the market and wait until demand appears on its own
    • We are interested in offering the most “delicious” products for different target audiences.

    • Absolutely put on, Audiomania entered the capital of the Finnish acoustic manufacturer Penaudio
    • For Audiomania and Penaudio, this collaboration is an opportunity to distribute business tasks.
    • We strive to ensure that 100% of sales fall on our own brands and exclusive deliveries

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