Companies with websites! Remember customers!

Published on March 18, 2011

Companies with websites! Remember customers!

    All companies that have a website indicate a contact e-mail on it. “Why are you doing this ?!”, I ask such companies perplexedly. After all, you still do not read anything there. And your spam filters are the most powerful in the world!

    Advice to those companies whose e-mail is indicated on the site. Please consider what someone can write to you there. Further - a small instructive story about an attempt to contact by e-mail.

    So, I needed a simple 1C configuration service. I went to the website of the company that provides such a service. And I saw their contact e-mail in addition to the phone number. I did not call. You may consider me a bore, but in some cases it is more convenient for me to write an e-mail than to call. Why? Well, because five times to tell different people what I need to actually do the first secretary, the second secretary, etc. - it's too much. By writing an e-mail, I began to wait for an answer.

    Of course he did not follow. Notification of reading also did not come. Then I wrote through the form on the website, I didn’t guess their captcha the first time (Separately, about the captcha: well done, hang the captcha! Otherwise, the clients write so much to them that they need to be weeded out). And at the end of the message, he attributed that he had previously sent an e-mail, but they did not answer there.

    After some time, they reacted to the message through the form on the website and apologized for the fact that my letter sent to their contact e-mail ... got into spam.

    I would like to turn to companies that are supposedly ready to receive emails from customers: “Guys! What are you, what spam filters? Disable their nafik at all. They cut clients' letters for a sweet soul. ”And if you receive a few hundred or thousands of letters per day on such an e-mail, then you should put a separate employee in the“ spam filter ”position for this.

    If assigning a person to the position of “spam filter” is expensive, inconvenient, etc., it would be better not to indicate the e-mail on the site, but only the phone. After writing a letter that fell into the spam filter, I received only a negative impression.

    I summarize. Some customers find it convenient to write by e-mail. If your company offers this method of communication, then make it work. Disable all spam filters. Spam is the problem of the company, not the client.

    PS We have disabled spam filters AT ALL.