Wikiasaria - a comedy of mistakes

Published on December 26, 2006

Wikiasaria - a comedy of mistakes

    The wave of publications, the second day wandering in the internet, about the upcoming "killer" of the search engines Google and Yahoo !, the Wikiasaria project created by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, most likely looks like a comedy of mistakes. Here is what Jimmy himself writes in the development sheet (which, by the way, opened just a couple of days ago):

    The press coverage this weekend has been a comedy of errors. Wikiasari was not and is not the intended name of this project ... the London Times picked that off an old wiki page from back in the day when I was working on the old codebase and we had a naming contest for it. Nice name, though, so we might as well use it for the codename of the software. :)

    And then TechCrunch ran a screenshot of something completely unrelated, thus unfortunately perhaps leading people to believe that something is already built about about to be unveiled. No, the point of the project is to build something, not to unveil something which has already been built. :)

    In other words, the project of such a search engine has just started, does not yet have its own name, and the search engine engine on which they will be built has not yet been selected (maybe it will be old developments by Jimmy, maybe Nutch + Lucene, maybe something else proposed in development sheet).