Top 3D Academy invites to a program for the exchange of experience at the Foliplast factory

Published on May 22, 2019

Top 3D Academy invites to a program for the exchange of experience at the Foliplast factory

    We talk about the program of the Top 3D Academy course “3D-scanning and reverse engineering. Vacuum casting and robotics ”, which is carried out on the basis of TPK Foliplast , and the next one will be held on June 20. More details - read on.

    Most recently, we presented to our readers Top 3D Academy , the first complex of educational programs in Russia for the exchange of experience in the field of digital production and additive technologies based on leading Russian enterprises.

    Why introduce new technologies, why 76% of manufacturers haven’t done this yet and why it’s good - read our blog article.

    Watch the video about the project:

    What TPK Foliplast can teach

    • 3D scanning and reverse engineering - scanning of three-dimensional objects and launching production according to models developed in accordance with scans;
    • Small-scale production of products using the technology of thermal vacuum molding of sheet plastics, molding of volumetric parts from sheet blanks;
    • The introduction of automated technical systems in production is the use of robotics.

    About TPK Foliplast

    The largest production and engineering center for rapid prototyping, vacuum molding, volume machining of parts, 3D scanning and printing in Russia.
    It unites 65 professionals and has 2,500 sq. M. m. of production facilities equipped with the most modern equipment for plastic processing.

    Read an article about the company Foliplast and watch the story in our video blog:


    PJSC Promtractor, Lada, GC Rostselmash, PJSC UEC-SATURN, LLC UAZ, LLC TRITON-ELECTRONICS, State Corporation Rostec, Mercedes-Benz, Indesit, Volkswagen, "IVECO".

    Course program

    Part 1: Rapid production of thermoset plastic products

    In the first part of the course, you will gain knowledge about the following technical processes and their application:

    • 3D printing. Production of prototypes and master models using SLA technology;
    • The technology of casting products from thermosetting plastics (with the properties of the main structural plastics and rubbers) in a vacuum;
    • RIM is technology. Casting products from thermosets using mixing and dosing equipment;
    • Demonstration of technologies in existing production.


    Part 2: Small-scale production of products using the technology of thermal vacuum molding of plastic sheets

    In the second part of the course, you will learn about the implementation and application of the following processes:

    • 3D scanning, reverse engineering in the design of molded products;
    • Design and manufacture of equipment (including using a milling robotic complex);
    • Quality control of manufacturing equipment using a 3D scanner,
    • Thermal vacuum forming of plastic sheets. Functionality and equipment features.
    • Robotic cutting of workpieces.
    • Demonstration of technologies in existing production.

    To participate, leave a request on the site .

    Production capacity

    The TPK Foliplast equipment fleet includes, among other things, installations of the following manufacturers:

    • professional thermoset vacuum molding machine KLM V 1000 A , Harwest Enterprises;
    • Tiertime Inspire D290 professional mid-size 3D printer with oversized working camera;
    • Automatic vacuum molding system Automatic FVC-03 for casting polyurethane into silicone molds, developed by the specialists of the company Foliplast;
    • professional 3D-scanner Shining ;
    • XJRP SPS 450B industrial laser stereolithography unit for prototyping using photopolymer resins;
    • Kuka robots for the manufacture of milled products, the manufacture of accessories, prototypes (master models) of ABS plastic;
    • CNC milling machine DC 1090A from Ningbo Kaibo Machinery co., Ltd for the manufacture of tooling, molds, metal working, processed materials - metals, wood, MDF, model plates, plastics;
    • Vacuum casting machine Tools Factory TF 600 .


    We came to the production of [TPK Foliplast], which struck us with its scale. We were given a tour, they told in detail the whole technological process of vacuum casting in silicone molds. It was the most useful, efficient and effective. Many thanks to Top 3D Group for such an opportunity to gain unique knowledge.

    Alexey Sviridov,
    Junior Researcher, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Federal Scientific Agro-Engineering Center” VIM

    Nearest course

    The next training course will take place on June 20 on the topic “3D-scanning and reverse engineering. Vacuum casting and robotics ”based on TPK Foliplast. To learn more and to register for the course, contact us - leave a request on the site .

    Still have questions?

    Would you like to improve the qualifications of your employees, but you still have questions and need clarification about the program, the procedure for conducting training and other nuances?

    Contact us - leave a request on the site and we will arrange a detailed presentation for you or your leadership.

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