Tickets for flights around the world - on Yandex.

Published on August 24, 2010

Tickets for flights around the world - on Yandex.

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It is no secret that people who are most diverse in their life views go to Yandex Schedules. For some, the most important task is not to be late for the train tomorrow, which will take them to work or to school. Others want to figure out how to fly to Thailand, and return in two weeks, say, from Indonesia.

It just so happened that for almost the entire previous year we tried harder for the former: we monitored operational changes in the schedule of electric trains; started work on showing bus schedules. Now is the time to do something for the more “flying” group of our users.

To start, we launched the sale of tickets for flights around the world. Our partners - Ozon.Travel , and helped us in this .

For example, flights from Chicago to New York on September 20 cost from 3262 p. And from Moscow to Munich round-trip prices vary significantly depending on the days chosen and the airline offers, but the minimum is about 13 thousand rubles.

There is also exoticism - for example, you can estimate the price scale for flights around Oceania. Find a flight on Yandex.Airplane, set its endpoints in the Yandex. Schedules search bar - and find out how much the ticket to the island you need will cost. For example, from Auckland to Apia on October 2, you can fly for 8792 rubles.

By clicking on the “buy” link from the flight page on Yandex. Schedules, you will be redirected to the page of this particular flight on the partner’s website, where you can purchase a ticket if you wish without additional registration. Also on the sites of our partners you can order the additional services you need.