LinkMeUp. Release 11. Cisco TAC, CEF, FIB

Published on January 25, 2014

LinkMeUp. Release 11. Cisco TAC, CEF, FIB

    We conclude the first year of the podcast’s life on a very positive note - our guest is Dmitry Jdima and the Cisco TAC engineer Anatoly Tsyganenko.

    Everything that you would like to know about the work of the technical support center, how cases are handled in cisco, and what kind of analysis tools engineers have in the first part of the podcast.
    Further there will be a qualitative story about mechanisms of Proccess Switching, Fast Switching and Cisco Express Forwarding. We will plunge into RIB, FIB, the implementation of all this in hardware, see how the package is processed on linear, processing boards and switching factories.
    It turned out pretty hardcore both in duration and in depth.

    Release News

    1. The most real Dual Stack IPv4 / IPv6 from VimpelCom: test in Voronezh ( link )
    2. ASRK-RF Automated Radio Monitoring System will check who illegally clogs the air ( link )
    3. For the first time, servers for time synchronization were used for a DDOS attack ( link )
    4. German publication Spiegel has published a 50-page catalog of bugs that NSA employees can order and implement ( link )

    Download the podcast file .

    If you have any questions, something is not clear from the podcast, you are welcome to comment.

    Under the cut you will find a list of abbreviations and illustrations for the podcast.

    Acronym TAC - Technical Assistance Center
    ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
    NPI - Network Processor Interface
    IPC - InterProcess Channel
    TCAM - Ternary Content-Addressable Memory
    CEF - Cisco Express Forwarding
    RIB - Routing Information Base
    FIB - Forwarding Information Base

    Technology Overview

    The principle of processing the received packet using Proccess Switching

    Disadvantages of Proccess Switching

    FIB mechanism

    How packet is processed using CEF

    Functionality supporting and non-supporting CEF

    Release Links

    The background composition is taken from here .