How NeoBook was born

Published on June 08, 2012

How NeoBook was born

    Our glorious programmer wrote a cool article on how he programmed the NeoBook app. I want to tell about this application, so to speak, from the sources and from the “bell tower” of the general director of the company that created it.

    So, we, the company "Neoline", as a traditional content provider, decided to develop our business towards the development of applications for iOS, Android, etc. at the end of 2010. At the beginning of 2011, we started writing the first application, visited MacWorld in Barcelona at MWC, in general, we thought what to do.

    And they thought that at that stage we were not able to doCool box office apps and games from scratch. Neither experience nor people - there was nothing. Therefore, we decided to go by creating applications for the sale of content - videos and books. By creating high-quality engines, it is theoretically possible to produce many applications for selling typical content through appstore / google play in a short time, raise your level to begin with, and there, you look, and go to the next level.

    And so they did. In August, we released our first "blockbuster" - the application "Masha and the Bear" for the sale of the animated film of the same name. (If you look at the iPad App Store, the Entertainment category, you can see this application in the first position now). In parallel, we took up books. Released the first application for Android - Pushkin's Poems. At some point, it seemed to us that books would not bring money. Indeed, total piracy on the one hand, guarantee payments + royalties to copyright holders on the other. In addition, being a beginner in a long-trodden sphere is not cheap. From all this blew despondency.

    An unexpected decision was needed. Then the idea was born to consider books as a platform for monetization, but with respect for the rights of authors. And what does any site need first of all? Of course the traffic. And how to monetize it is a technical matter. Books, as it seemed to us, can very well solve the task of catching up traffic (looking at pirates like flibusta, the ability of books to create traffic is not in doubt). Actually a similar approach, and we now consider the most appropriate response to the pirates.

    All that remained was to persuade the copyright holders to give us books for a non-standard model - buying books for a certain period with the right to distribute them for free and the possibility of including advertising in them and turning them off for money. One can imagine that not all publishers immediately took our thoughts and innovations with a bang. Nevertheless, “the world is not without smart people” and in the end we managed to put together a perfectly sane catalog.

    In parallel, we were working on creating an application. The “Council of Four” - technical director, head of application department, team leader of the design team, your humble servant - worked according to our overall assessment quite effectively. Each of us has our own experience in various fields and the combination of various competencies allowed us to design a really cool product. Take any of the four out of the process and the product would be much weaker.

    Separately, I must say thanks to our team of designers Pasha and programmer Vitalik. Without them, nothing good would have happened. Our two testers and our copywriter had to work a lot. Just imagine: test hundreds of epubs, fill in, reload, subtract descriptions, remove / put commas - people spent the night at work!

    When ten people turn into a single team that breathes what they are doing, the result will sooner or later be excellent. We are all on fire with this work, we are really interested in creating this product. This is the case when a person works and gives all his best not for the sake of money, but out of a higher order motivation - the desire to create.

    Now we are creating other applications that will also be interesting, but NeoBook is our favorite product that we are actively developing. Wait for new releases!