Smart Goal Setting (SMART goalsetting)

Published on July 28, 2008

Smart Goal Setting (SMART goalsetting)

    The goal (result) is the key concept with which all activities should begin, and project activity is no exception. One of the most dangerous mistakes in project management is to start working without understanding the goals. Goals need to be set, so it’s worth discussing how to set them correctly.

    The process of setting goals (goal-setting, goal-setting) has already been studied by numerous uninterested “far and wide”, and in the course of this study a large number of models and methods have been developed.

    The first in line for consideration, of course, is the SMART method . The authorship is attributed to Peter Drucker , management guru.

    In principle, there is nothing special in this theory - five English letters, it is convenient to remember. Good universal principles, from which such a theory as Management by Objectives and the like grew out of.

    For a deeper insight into the topic of SMART goals, I highly recommend reading the article Keys to smart goal setting. The article is accompanied by a colorful and large mental map, and despite a strong bias towards personal goal-setting, it is worth studying.

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