Microsoft is giving away domains for free.

Published on April 05, 2008

Microsoft is giving away domains for free.

    Microsoft, as part of the “10,000 Domains for Free” promotion, has begun registering anyone in the .ru zone ! You can register one domain per yourself. In the registration process, indicate your passport data, register with a certain "Personnel-N" and voila. Instructions for action:

    1. Go to ? ...
    2. Log in
    3. Go to personal data.

    4. If there is no link to Get a Domain, then
    5. Open any material (for example, this ) - click "Share with a colleague" and
    indicate your email address, which you indicated during registration.
    6. Again we go into the personal data - poke "Get the domain."

    + Bonus give hosting for a year for free. (1mb)

    Someone alaruss shared this instruction with me , so if you wish, karma is charged - this is for him.