Debian stuff - apt-rdepends

Published on December 04, 2008

Debian stuff - apt-rdepends

    apt-rdepends is another interesting utility from Debian that allows you to recursively get a list of all the dependencies of a binary package or assembly dependencies for source packages.

    The only thing the program requires for fruitful work is the fully-fledged Debian repository prescribed in sources.list and the updated package cache of this repository.

    You can use the program simply by passing it the package name as a parameter, or by substituting some parameters. For example:

    apt-rdepends kde4 - a recursive list of dependencies of the kde4 package will be displayed in the format "package: dependency (version)"

    apt-rdepends -s = Depends kde4 is just a list of all direct package dependencies, no versions. In theory, you can substitute Recommends or other dependencies in place of Depends, but for some reason in my version of apt-rdepends this does not work.

    apt-rdepends -b kde4 - a list of package build dependencies.

    apt-rdepends -r kde4 is a list of Reverse dependencies, that is, packages dependent on this package.

    Additionally, you can use the parameter "--option =" - for the task of the APT options.

    Actually, the main program options end there. although there are still options for listing dependencies in a format readable by springgraph (-d) and xvcg (-v).