PPSSPP - PlayStation Portable emulator for Android

Published on February 05, 2015

PPSSPP - PlayStation Portable emulator for Android

    Modern smartphones are much more productive than game consoles, released several years ago. Therefore, now developers have every opportunity to release game console emulators for smartphones. Emulators, in general, a lot. There are NES, SNES, Sega emulators, and now even the PlayStation Portable emulator has appeared.

    At the same time, the program is shareware, and you can download it from the Google Play Store(In fairness, you need to indicate that the application has ads, and to remove it, you need to pay $ 5.99). It is worth noting that the application has been developed for several years, and now the emulator works fine on smartphones, tablets or even TV sticks. True, the device configuration must be modern, old phones or tablets will not be able to work with the emulator.

    Even if you buy the version of the application without ads, all this will cost much cheaper than the cost of the PlayStation Portable itself. As for games, the developers recommend using "native" applications, and rip your own PSP games. But it is likely that there are unofficial ways to launch games downloaded from the network. Not all games are supported now, but normal operation with Wipeout, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Liberty City Stories, Wormds, Little Big Planet, Soul Caliber Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, and Final Fantasy: Type-O has already been confirmed.

    You can use a display or an additional controller (for example, a Bluetooth controller) to play.