How to repel a DDoS attack and protect the network from anomalies in the home? - May 14 at the seminar

Published on May 05, 2012

How to repel a DDoS attack and protect the network from anomalies in the home? - May 14 at the seminar

    We invite everyone to the training seminar "DDoS attacks and protection against them." Participants will receive a set of effective countermeasures from social DDoS (including various variations of LOIC) + a list of the main causes of network anomalies.

    The training seminar “DDoS attacks and defense against them” will be held on May 14, 2012 at the Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya in Pavilion 7 as part of the Svyaz-Expocomm 2012 exhibition in the interactive part of the Third Russian Internet Governance Forum RIGF-2012. The forum is held by the “Coordination Center of the National Internet Domain” with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The forum's problems this year are network information security. Registration can be done on the website until May 10 inclusive.

    What can you do on your own to ensure the availability of a web resource at the application level? This topic will be described in detail at a training seminar on the example of social DDoS attacks. “We are seeing a pronounced upward trend in their popularity. The main programs for implementing this form of civil protest are various variations of LOIC. In our opinion, such a toolkit should not cause absolutely any problems, with a few exceptions. Nevertheless, every day we hear about the new successful Anonymous operation, in which the functionality of the largest web resources is disrupted by one click. In fact, this fantastic increase in the number of DDoS attacks “feeds” due to the usual unpreparedness of specialists, ”said Alexander Lyamin, CEO of HLL.

    Everyone will be able totake part in a contest to eliminate the incident of a social DDoS attack , a simulation of which will be organized right in the hall of the training seminar. The task of the participants is to minimize the downtime of the protected web resource. Then a workshop will be held on the successful resolution of the incident. The knowledge gained will allow in the future to confront real social DDoS - a new threat that specialists are not used to dealing with.

    In parallel with the competition, reports will be presented. Artem Gavrichenkov, the leading developer of the QRATOR network, will make a detailed review of the DDoS attacks of Runet of the past year. The expert will talk about trends in the development of DDoS attacks, about the goals, targets and periods of activation of attackers.

    The availability of web resources may be at risk, including due to anomalies at the autonomous system level. Alexander Azimov, lead engineer for operating the QRATOR network, will consider two main causes of network anomalies: errors at the router configuration level and effects that occur during the convergence of the BGP protocol. So, BGP routing cycles lead to partial inaccessibility of the target network, and individual errors in the configuration of routers can allow attackers to increase the leverage of DoS attacks several times. Network anomalies are also dangerous because they often remain invisible to the autonomous source system. At the end of his report, Alexander Azimov will provide statistics on network anomalies in RuNet collected by the QRATOR monitoring system.

    And finally, Alexander Lyamin, CEO of HLL, will talk about the main caliber of the infamous Anonymous. The history of LOIC, the principle of work, legal and technical features, methods of effective counteraction will be considered. “Due to the lack of a single center, Anonymous cannot quickly change their attack strategies, so countering them is much easier. The fact that today they are achieving their goals only says that the information infrastructure of many web resources is built without taking into account security risks, ”commented Alexander Lyamin.

    The guest of the training seminar - Alexey Afanasyev, project manager of the DDoS Prevention Kaspersky Lab Russia - will make a presentation on “DDoS attacks: myths and reality. Experience in countering DDoS attacks. ”

    A detailed program of the event can be found on the website: .

    PS Participation is free, registration until May 10.