IPhone month

Published on October 30, 2007

IPhone month

    IPhone month
    People who have not heard about the existence of the iPhone , with each similar post becomes less and less. There is a lot of controversy about the innovative phone, or rather, the smartphone from Apple , and there are also many opinions about the device. Some people, be it the respected Eldar Murtazin ( mobile-review.com ) or the less popular Anton Nosik ( dolboeb.livejournal.com ), are perplexed by the popularity of the device, calling the iPhone “a weak solution both programmatically and technically .” Most Mac and iPod userswho understand the ideology of the company, they still think differently. I have been using iPhone for almost a month now and want to share my impressions with you.


    First and foremost, the longer you use the iPhone , the more you like it. This is not advertising, these are real human impressions. Usually the opposite - you buy a smartphone / communicator and the longer you use it, the more disappointed you are. The iPhone is different.
    When in my hands was just a phone - I wanted to have more features, a communicator on Windows Mobile or a smartphone on Symbian replaced - I wanted the phone to be just a phone, because most of the functions were implemented very poorly. The phone should not slow down, build multi-level chains of menu items to access something simple. In the case of the iPhone- it really is. As they say, It just works .
    An almost perfect combination of a multifunctional device and a phone, as well as an innovative method of device management, are the two main components of the success of the iPhone . Its potential is huge - we will all see it as soon as Steve Jobs reveals the promised SDK in February '08 and hundreds of new applications appear.


    The kit supplied with the device is simple and concise - exactly as much as necessary for comfortable use of the device.
    It includes, in fact, the iPhone itself , a wired headset (we'll talk about it separately), Dock , a USB cable (the same as regular iPods ), a USB Power Adapter for recharging from the mains, documentation, and also a cloth for wiping the screen .
    All you need to synchronize with a Mac / PC , as well as travel - fits in your pocket and is a kind of designer. Judge for yourself - the USB cable can be plugged in from one side, both on the iPhone and inDock , and on the other - both in the Mac / PC USB port , and in the USB Power Adapter . In case you just want to charge the iPhone of your choice, you get 4 design options for recharging. Apple always leaves the choice


    Let's talk about the appearance of the device. Every acquaintance who saw the iPhone received it with more than positive reviews. iPhone is something more than a regular phone, and in terms of size tends to a communicator. The device is light ( 135 grams ) and thin ( 11.6 mm ), so communicating with it causes only positive emotions. An important feature is the iPhone’s body is monolithic, therefore it creates the impression of something finished and completed. No battery covers with backlash - Uncle Steve saved us from such unpleasant moments. Of course the iPhone batteryyou can’t change it yourself (besides, you still have to buy it, but for now it’s unrealistic), but how long it will take to replace the battery depends on how you handle the device. Without a doubt, a year or even two years of normal life are provided. During this time, most likely, there will be more than one new version of the device, which will stand in the queue for purchase. Due to the fact that the iPhone is not for sale in Russia, as well as due to the lack of appropriate batteries in the service centers of Apple dealers, this moment can be considered an omission.

    Working hours

    The battery lasts an average of one and a half days, taking into account 10-20 minutes of calls, watching two or three episodes of the series, 3-4 hours of music and Wi-Fi constantly on . The result is quite decent, and if you take into account the fact that the iPhone can be recharged during synchronization, you can almost forget about timely charging. The energy saving system in the iPhone is implemented simply: the display turns off after a few seconds if the device is in lock mode, or goes from standby to lock mode after a time specified by the user in the settings (1-5 minutes).


    On the front surface of the device you can find only a speaker, a display and the so-called " Home Button ", a button that returns the device to the main screen. Since the device was originally developed for use with Multitouch technology , the control element of which is the fingers, Apple very competently approached the screen protection by placing it under a special scratch-resistant glass.
    The following video demonstrates how to scratch a similar iPod Touch glass .

    The display pleases from the first seconds of getting to know it - the colors are bright and saturated, the diagonal of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 320x480 pixels make you feel comfortable no matter what you do - from surfing with Safari to watching movies on iPod .
    Since the display is surrounded by black color above and below, when viewing a video it seems that it is slightly larger than it actually is.


    The stereo headset included in the kit is striking in its simplicity. It is very similar to regular iPod headphones, except for the talk button. You will not immediately pay attention to it if you do not know what it is. In a small button about 2x0.5x0.25 cm in size there is a headset microphone and a control element. This button is responsible for the operations " Pick up / Hang up ", " Play / Pause " in the iPod-part of the phone, as well as double-click to switch to the next song in the playlist .
    However, the “ears" themselves are not as good as we would like. The sound in them is far from the desired ideal, although not as bad as you might think. In addition, they strive all the time to fall out of their ears, at the slightest touch on the wires of the headset, which may be accidental.

    Headset with soldered Koss

    With the help of simple manipulations with a soldering iron, they were recently replaced with Koss Plugs closer to the heart . Now the headset sits firmly in your ears and provides decent sound quality. The noise of the subway remains somewhere far behind, thanks to Plugs ' good noise isolation .


    While Steve Jobs is just announcing a full-fledged SDK for the iPhone in February next year, many enthusiasts are already creating programs on their own. No matter how revolutionary the idea of Web 2.0 would be , even Steve realized that online applications are limited by browser functionality and cannot compete with applications for OS X itself (as we recall, a special stripped-down version of Leopard is installed on the iPhone ). In order to run third-party applications on the iPhone , the first thing you need to do is the so-called JailBreak
    (jailbreak), which will enable non- Apple programs to work through holes found in the system. At the moment, JailBreak is feasible for both iPhone (even with ominous firmware 1.1.1) and iPod Touch .
    After that, the AppInstaller application (or simply the Installer ) is installed on the iPhone , which allows you to select and install applications directly from a public repository via Wi-Fi or Edge on your own, without a computer. Of course, after installing third-party applications, there may be malfunctions in the operation of the device, therefore, by installing them, you take responsibility.
    There are a lot of third-party software, but for the most part it is stupid. Of the total mass of programs, I can only mention the Russian Keyboard (a global system hack from Slava Karpenko that gives happiness to all Russian- speaking iPhone users), Terminal (which is somewhat limited in its functionality), the NES emulator (funny, but inconvenient to play), Books (scroll the book finger is very unusual)
    and SummerBoard (tuning the iPhone interface ).
    Separate material will be created in the near future to review the applications built into the iPhone .
    As I said, the hardware capabilities of the platform will provide a wide range of a wide variety of applications after the official SDK .


    The purchase justifies its price of $ 399 (without tax) at 100 percent . At the moment, an already unlocked device can be bought in Russia for a price close to 20,000 rubles . If you want to save money, ask your friends who fly to the States to buy you an iPhone . So did the author of the article, which he does not regret. Quite often, I monitor the forum forum site iphones.ru and recently began to appear news about the unfair work of customs when sending a phone package. I advise you to pay attention to this forum if you are concerned about the purchase.


    As the owner of the iPhone , who has been actively using the device for almost a month now, I want to say that there are many impressions from working with the phone and for the most part they are positive. The more you use your iPhone , the more you like it. The device phenomenon itself has provided the capabilities of a multifunctional mobile device to people far from the IT industry. Now you can watch a movie, find out the weather, watch the latest videos on YouTube , and browse your favorite sites using Safari , even those who are not computer savvy. You don’t have to go far for an example, give your beloved iPhone , and you’ll understand what it is aboutThe device is made to last, multimedia features are beyond praise. Company Apple has been able to find a happy medium between the phone and the computer, for which her great respect and honor.