HTC Iolite Review - Part 3 - Final

Published on June 07, 2009

HTC Iolite Review - Part 3 - Final

    In the final part of my review, I will talk about the screen of the device, the navigation module and the camera installed on it. I will touch upon the issue of Internet connections and talk about some of the shortcomings and wishes. And finally, I’ll try to summarize my feelings and give some recommendations.

    The previous parts of the review can be found at the following links: part 1 , part 2


    About the touchscreen and its responsiveness

    When friends asked me what are the advantages of the iPhone over HTC, I replied that on iPhones there is a cleaner sound, a better screen and it is more responsive to the touch of a user's fingers. Now the last point has become a bit controversial. It’s a pleasure to communicate with the Iolith screen! The weakest touch does not go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter whether you click on the labels and menus, or scroll the page with your finger strokes, comfort is felt everywhere.

    Of course, you can once again begin to talk about what resistivethe touch screen cannot be compared in quality with a capacitive one ... However, I will not argue with my own eyes. And no matter what technological differences between them stand, the result is pleasant and competitive! Of course, we are not talking about multitouch and related functions. But according to my observations, the multitouch in its current form so far only has the character of a “wow effect” and nothing more (on my eeePC 1000H I did not find much use for it, except perhaps scrolling through the pages in the browser). A problematic place - the corner screens, also became more responsive.

    Screen quality is up to par. Good colors and brightness. The only thing is that I sometimes turn off the auto-adjustment of the backlight. Sometimes stupidly decides how much light to apply to the screen. Although, it is possible that these are my cockroaches, because I like it when the screen shines brightly.
    Another nice point is the height of the screen ... The fact is that the protective glass of the display is not deepened inward, as it has become fashionable to do on many devices, but is at the same level. The sides at the edges of the screen are not that protrude outward (ala Nokia 5800), but on the contrary are chiseled on the sides. A trifle, but pleasant. True, perhaps this is not so great in terms of the safety of the phone.

    In the living corner of moviegoers

    The communicator easily swallowed a 16-gigabyte memory card and did not even hiccup. Prior to this, I managed for 2 years with a 4Gb card. For this purchase I was prompted by the ability of Aiolit to play full-fledged DVD-Rips. How am I sick of recoding films to the screens of smartphones. Thought it would never end. But no, this handsome man, without a twinge of conscience, turns films on both 700 and 1400 mb, and without any delays and a rassinhron with sound! Therefore, as soon as the card arrived, the untreated series of House and Battlestar Galactica flew onto it. )) The only caveat is that CorePlayer still does not support AC3 format, as long as you have to be content with MP3.


    Since the device was brought to me from Russia, and I live in Israel, the pre-installed on the device Navitel Navigator was not relevant for me. Therefore, I started looking for a working version of iGo for HTC Touch Cruise, I tried many different assemblies, nothing worked. But after discussing this issue in one small forum, people helped me and I managed to launch iGo 2008 on the new Cruise. Everything immediately worked like a clock, without any glitches and brakes. The device easily displays even three-dimensional models of buildings and does not think about drawing objects. I wrote about eating battery in GPS navigation mode in the previous part of the review, I can only say that consumption is very economical!


    Without any difficulty, I fed my Touch Cruise II and 3G and HSDPA networks. It was written on the forums that allegedly while working with 3G networks, problems with the GSM module begin and calls simply do not come. I did not notice any problems while surfing, which I also wish for you! ))) The
    communicator is smart, so it independently monitors the most optimal connection. If HSDPA and a 3G network are within reach, it always connects to the first. If, however, there is a choice between GPRS and 3G, he accordingly chooses the second as a faster and more optimal one for the user. Without any problems, you can disable the connection option through the UMTS-module (HSDPA and 3G) and use only GPRS, without fear of receiving bills for a substantial amount at the end of the month.


    I did not expect anything special in terms of taking pictures from HTC, because I knew that this was a weak spot of a Taiwanese company. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pictures taken. You can see which below ... There is a 3.2 megapixel camera installed on board, which corrects the situation. One thing I can say for sure - these are far from the pictures that are obtained on the HTC Touch. Of course, there can be no question of any night shooting, since the device simply does not have a flash, but in the afternoon and in the evening the photographs even made me happy. It is clear that they can’t be compared with the pictures taken on the Canon soap holders, but you can get documents or take a medium quality photo without any problems.

    Disadvantages and wishes

    So that the review does not seem too cloying, I’ll add a couple of spoons of tar ... Firstly, the device does not have an accelerometer (G-sensor). Having it today is certainly not critical, but at least interesting! The model is far from cheap, but for some reason, they did not put it in the basket. Secondly, Iolite freezes at times. No, not so much every day, but once a week it happens. I suspect that some third-party program is to blame for everything, but which one has not yet been figured out. Because on a clean system such a problem was not noticed. But I believe that over time I will catch the parasite and cut off the ears. ))
    * I started writing this part of the review a week ago. During this time, the stability of the device improved and the problem of suspensions disappeared. Conclusion: check the new software well, it often brings us many surprises.

    For dessert,I would like to recommend one wonderful software to all lovers of Windows Mobile and especially owners of HTC devices. We are talking about the program Second Today , which, as you might guess by its name, adds you a second screen "Today". Which in turn can be put on one of the mechanical buttons. Thus, you do not have to give up not on Manila, not on your favorite desktop plug-ins, such as SPB Pocket Plus, notes, alarms and other stray. Highly recommend!

    image image

    On this, let me summarize the series of articlesabout HTC Iolite aka Touch Cruise 2009. The device turned out nice. I would recommend it to people who appreciate compactness and good design, but are not ready to give up the capabilities of the communicator. Pleasant to the touch materials of the case will not leave you indifferent to the new device. Mechanical buttons and scroll wheel will decorate and make the process of using the device more enjoyable. These are not the thin and dull buttons to which some manufacturers of cellular devices have been trying to accustom us for quite some time. It is really convenient and pleasant to reap on them. Although, I would not have made them double, because there are cases of incorrect pressing.

    In any case, you will get used to and love this device in a fairly short time. )) Relatively weak sound from the speaker and a reset button shoved under the cover, the most striking minus of HTC Iolite. For moviegoers, for whom a mobile device is the main means of watching a movie, I would still recommend looking more towards HTC Touch HD and iPhone 3G. There you will have an order of magnitude larger screen, and a VGA-format with better color reproduction.