Linux Foundation talks about Microsoft's dishonesty and lies

Published on April 03, 2009

Linux Foundation talks about Microsoft's dishonesty and lies

    imageThe Linux Foundation , a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of Linux among the broad and not very popular, has officially responded to a recent patent dispute between Microsoft and TomTom (the former accused the latter of violating a number of Microsoft patents with code allegedly contained in the Linux kernel).

    Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin wrote a post on his blog commenting on the situation.

    Jim unequivocally writes that Microsoft, which had recently swore its “openness” and implored criticsjudging her by her actions on the open source field, with her latest actions she clearly demonstrated her own deceitful and monopolistic nature. The latest patent war proves that it is impossible to trust a proprietary giant who has no desire to support truly open technologies.

    As a partial solution to the accumulated problems and disagreements between Microsoft and the OpenSource world, Jim proposes to abandon the cornerstone of problems - the FAT file system and encourages all developers to use open alternatives in their products that are not burdened with patents and other red tape. Cleverly playing with words, Jim quite reasonably writes that FAT is fat from development and production that requires immediate liposuction, while Microsoft looks like a leopard trying to erase its spots.

    Obviously, no manufacturer of a particular product, from flash cards to portable data storages, can instantly refuse to license the most popular file system in their products and switch to, for example, Ext3, which Jim Zemlin hints at. But the Linux Foundation, it seems, is committed to helping anyone who wants to solve it.

    Jim Zemlin's Blog via ArsTechnica