iTunes on Windows

Published on November 28, 2007

iTunes on Windows

    I don’t understand people who scream that iTunes (under Windows) is a terrible evil. "It slows down, is buggy and generally no one needs."

    I’ve been sitting on iTunes for a year now. Before that was foobar2000, even earlier - Winamp2. Then I liked CoverFlow, then in the settings I found the function of automatically scattering music into catalogs. Now, because of this feature, I have a complete order in the music folder (I can provide a screen). And before - a bunch of songs with mysterious names similar to track_04, skachano_s_blablabla, or even 156324 in general.

    About the "gravity". Half a minute to download - it’s normal if you don’t close the player, but hide it in the tray. Windows is a minute or two fully loaded and nothing, no one complains. The processor with RAM doesn’t eat much, at least on my Athlon64 3000 with 768mb RAM.

    So do not speak so angrily about iTunes.

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