We invite you to Go Meetup on August 6

Published on July 28, 2016

We invite you to Go Meetup on August 6

    We invite developers, team leaders and everyone who is somehow connected with the development on Go to take part in the Go Meetup, which will be held on Saturday, August 6, at the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. There are four reports in the meeting program, read more about them under the cut.

    - “Go Internals”, Vyacheslav Bakhmutov, Dropbox

    Features of the compiler and runtime implementation: device of basic types, storage of structures in memory, creation of goroutines, resizing of the stack and other low-level details. The speaker will indicate the places of implementation and give examples of the use of this knowledge when writing programs.

    - “Gigabytes of JSON per second”, Victor Starodub, Mail.Ru Group

    How to write the most productive library for working with JSON on Go - easyjson. The speaker will tell you how to parse and generate code on Go, talk about the benefits and dangers of reflection for serialization and about micro-optimizations that made it possible to overtake alternatives.

    - “Embedded DB in Go”, Vitaliy Levchenko, mc² software

    Comparison of the built-in databases that can be used in Go: why they can be useful, what are the fundamental differences between them, how this affects performance and which database should be chosen for your needs.

    - “Working with Go from Python”, Vadim Markovtsev, source {d}

    The ability to create dynamic libraries appeared in Go relatively recently, so for a long time using Go code in other programming languages ​​was possible only with the help of IPC. Fortunately, you can now create binders using cgo, the Go interaction interface with traditional userspace. Unfortunately, few successful examples exist so far. The purpose of the report is to talk about the many pitfalls and difficulties in working with cgo using the example of go-git from Python. The speaker will also talk about the go-git project itself - the Git client, written in pure Go, and CFFI in Python.

    Beginning at 12:00. Address: Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, p. 79.

    For those who cannot attend the meeting, an online broadcast will be organized on IT.Mail.Ru, after - the record is published. Participation is free, but registration is required. See you!