Google and Yahoo now recognize flash site content!

Published on July 02, 2008

Google and Yahoo now recognize flash site content!

    Many of those who work in the field of website development know how wildly popular flash sites are among customers and which is not popular in everything else. One of the reasons is the anti-google flash sites. This is expressed by the fact that the content of flash sites is not visible to search robots, but as a consequence to the rest of the world. But this is no longer! Today, Adobe announced it will merge with Google and Yahoo so that the content of flash sites will finally become visible to search engines.

    This agreement was prepared for a rather long time, all due to the fact that Adobe had several solutions to this problem and now they seem to have chosen the best of them.
    Prior to this, it was already stated that search robots are already able to recognize static text and links in flash documents (* .SWF). Well, the dynamic content that takes place on flash sites remained unprocessed.

    This agreement will lead to some changes in the usability of flash sites, no doubt for the better. On one of the blogs, Google stated that it was already able to recognize all text content in flash documents (Text on buttons, Widgets, menus). Google is also able to collect all the links in a flash document in order to indicate the next site to the spider, for indexing. Whatever the case, this technology does not apply to FLV files that can be found on sites like YouTube.

    Google says that this was made possible thanks to a new “humanoid” algorithm that explores the flash site in the way a regular user would. That is, the algorithm goes through all pages by clicking on all the buttons that appear. The algorithm remembers all the text followed by the text and becomes indexed for search engines.

    Unfortunately for now, Google and Yahu will not be able to index all the content on flash sites. The text in the pictures remains invisible to search engines, as well as some Java scripts that are stored separately from the HTML or XML file, such scripts will not be considered part of the flash site. But experts are already working on this. In the near future, all content located on flash sites will not only become visible to search engines.

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