Apache Deltacloud 1.0 Release

Published on August 07, 2012

Apache Deltacloud 1.0 Release

Original author: Fabian Scherschel
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I recently wrote a post about Red Hat CloudForms , I think it would be unfair to ignore the release of the first version of the Apache Daltacloud project, the code of which lies at the heart of CloudForms (and the whole Red Hat cloud portability strategy in general ).

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced the release of the first version of Apache Deltacloud , a project aimed at improving the interoperability of various IaaS clouds (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). According to ASF, the project has reached a sufficient level of maturity in order to get the figure 1.0 in the version number. In addition, Deltacloud 1.0 introduces a frontend that introduces the Amazon EC2 API for client applications.

The new EC2 API allows developers to run applications written specifically for the EC2 API on any IaaS cloud that supports Deltacloud. “Deltacloud enables customers using the EC2 API to translate API calls into calls to platforms like VMware vSphere or OpenStack,” said David Lutterkort and added, “This is the beginning of a long way to get away from vendor lock- in the cloud API. "

Deltacloud operates as a server process that supports several different cloud APIs, so it is possible to create applications that are independent of the IaaS cloud. Deltacloud transfers API calls from one cloud vendor to API calls from another that expect to receive different cloud services. This translation is possible by using a set of differentdrivers .

The Deltacloud project has its own REST-based API and another, independent, base (reference) API. This API was previously added as a client interface of the Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface standard , which is currently being developed in the DMTF ( Distributed Management Task Force ). Deltacloud also provides developers with a way to implement their own service interfaces, allowing internal user applications to be deployed across various cloud providers.

Originally, it was an internal Red Hat project that was designed to give users the ability to have a single approach to different IaaS clouds. But later the project was transferred to ASF and is now developing “under the wing” of this organization. Deltacloud 1.0 was released on June 15, you can download this release from the project website, the code is available under the Apache 2.0 license. Detailed installation instructions and release notes are also available there .