Innovations on

Published on February 21, 2010

Innovations on

    10 days have passed since the launch of the beta version of the project - the service exchange. Already, we are pleased to inform you about the introduction of updates on the site:

    1. The process of registering users and the form for adding services and goods has been optimized.

    Registration takes place in 3 stages, at the last of them the user selects a service package (a set of properties “Buyer”, “Contractor”, or “Seller”) - at the moment (in the first stage of beta testing) service packages are identical for all user groups.

    2. A detailed rubricator of skills and abilities has been created and is ready for work (for performers).

    Now each user - an executor of works or services - can fill out the “Skills and Skills” of his profile, depending on the specifics of the services provided and activities.

    3. Updated the mechanism for working with images for projects and auctions.
    4. The methods of payment through WebMoney and Yandex.Money have been put into normal operation.

    At the testing and debugging stage:

    1. Additional study of the menu of the user’s personal account.
    2. The introduction of a system (mechanism) of safe transactions - through the balance of users within the site.
    3. Extension of parameters for performers (additional parameters depending on areas of knowledge).

    ps: Congratulations to the male half of the Habr-users on the upcoming Day of Defender of the Fatherland!