ScalaSPB Conference Video

Published on October 17, 2011

ScalaSPB Conference Video

    October 1, the first conference of Scala-developers in St. Petersburg.

    Guests from different parts of Russia (and not only), who visited the cozy Ingria business incubator that evening, had the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations and chat with colleagues.


    Under the cut you are waiting for video reports from the conference:
    • “Using Scala for backend tasks” Eduard Klementyev
    • "Scala in Goozy" Alexey Zlobin
    • “Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA” Pavel Fatin and Alexander Podkhalyuzin
    • “Squeryl - ORM with a human face” Yuri Buyanov

    Shortly before the event, we were contacted from the EPFL and politely asked not to use the name ScalaDay, which we chose initially, so that there would be no confusion with existing events. Therefore, from now on we will be called ScalaSPB .

    The first speaker was Eduard Klementyev from GGA Software Services with the report “How to use Scala for backend tasks”.

    Presentation and transcript

    In his talk, Edward described how his company came to use Scala and how Java was not arranged. What technologies are used in the projects and how is work being done with Json and MongoDB.

    Eduard was followed by our employee Alexei Zlobin with a report “Scala in Goozy”.

    Presentation and transcript

    The plan of my report is this: first I will talk about the project itself, then about what exactly Scala does in it. Further, a few technical sketches about the technologies and some characteristic methods that we tried to use, and what they led to . "

    Already answering questions after the report, force majeure happened - the projector lamp burned out. It’s good that there was a small board nearby, on which it was possible to show presentations, but the picture quality on the video noticeably suffered because of this. We apologize.

    After a short coffee break and several attempts to resurrect the projector, two representatives from jetBrains - Pavel Fatin and Alexander Podkhalyuzin came out to the barrier. The guys talked about the Scala plugin for intelliJ IDEA.

    Presentation (decoding later)

    The last was another of our developers and concurrently the host and organizer - Yuri Buyanov with the report "Squeryl - ORM with a human face."

    Presentation and transcript

    Yuri talked about the basics of a lightweight ORM library called SQueryl .


    Despite some technical problems in the process (hello to a burned out projector lamp), it cannot be said that the first pancake came out lumpy. We received many positive reviews and thanks for the broadcast.

    It can be seen that developers interested in Scala have a great need for such an event. We will try to take into account all the shortcomings and next time we will try to expand the format both quantitatively and qualitatively.

    We received many positive reviews, despite some technical problems in the process. We can say with confidence that this was not the last meeting, and next time we will try to expand the format both quantitatively and qualitatively.