With a dozen more useful opensource libraries for iOS developers

Published on October 10, 2012

With a dozen more useful opensource libraries for iOS developers

    After the last time I wrote an article about the basics of CocoaPods , I came up with the idea that the library of pods can and should be used as an excellent source of opensource iOS-projects for both beginners and experienced programmers. After installing the ruby-package cocoapods (all in the same article), you will have the opportunity to search for useful libraries by keywords directly from the command line:

    And now the community is using it.

    Working with images:

    1) SDWebImage Asynchronous image loading, support for cache policies. There is a functionality for preliminary decoding of the image, helps about scrolling.
    2) GPUImage A powerful library for image processing, the ability to apply effects directly to the camera output in real time. I think that at least half of the participants in the recent contest (http://vk.com/photo_contest) on VKontakte used it.
    3) NYXImagesKit General-purpose library, adds many useful methods for processing: filters, resizing, rotation and much more.
    4) XBImageFilters To some extent an alternative to GPUImage.

    Working with data on disk:

    1) NLCoreData Wrap around Core Data for simpler and more readable operations.
    2) VPPCoreData Wrap around Core Data, supports the ActiveRecord pattern (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActiveRecord).
    3) iActiveRecord And this is an implementation of the ActiveRecord pattern, but already without Core Data support.
    4) FileMD5Hash Computes the MD5 content of files, consumes relatively little RAM.
    5) FMDB Wrap around sqlite. Networking

    , http requests:

    1) ASIHTTPRequest Convenient wrapper around CFNetwork API for HTTP requests.
    2) AFNetworkingAn alternative to the first, even the ASIHTTPRequest developer recommended it at one time.
    3) RestKit An excellent solution for working with a network and RESTful services. Provides a solution for mapping data to CoreData objects.

    Playing audio:

    1) BeamMusicPlayerViewController Controller for iPhone for playing music (with controls).
    2) GVMusicPlayerController As developers write: the power of AVPlayer with the simplicity of MPMusicPlayerController.

    Work with well-known web services:

    1) Facebook-iOS-SDK Interaction with Facebook.
    2) unoffical-twitter-sdk Interaction with twitter.
    3) AFAmazonS3ClientInteraction with Amazon S3 API.
    4) HCYoutubeParser Retrieving videos from Youtube.
    5) Vkontakte-iOS-SDK So far so-so.

    For convenient work with blocks:

    1) UIAlertView-Blocks
    2) MTBlockTableView A table that uses blocks instead of the standard protocol approach.
    3) BlocksKit This is a classic of "blocking".


    1) YandexMapKit Yandex maps.
    2) MapBox Open source alternative to MapKit.
    3) VPPMap Simplifies the management of MKMapView.

    Testing services:

    1) TestFlightSDK
    2) HockeySDK and HockeyKit

    This and much more you can connect with your project in one line, adding CocoaPods support to it .