How to use bulk notifications in support

Published on April 28, 2016

How to use bulk notifications in support

    If you do not track ongoing issues, customer requests or complaints, you are losing money. Speaking to customers - follow our Facebook page - you shift the burden of responsibility on them. Not to mention what kind of losses a business suffers when customers switch to a competitor, because they are sure that you still do not have the necessary features or a bug that has been driving them crazy for a couple of months has not been fixed. But you already have at your disposal tools to help avoid this fate, and it will take less time than you think.

    Guys we fixed it

    Two messages in a row about the same error when paying on the site. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It's time to start the task and fix the bug.
    Appeals continue to pour in the box, and the team works to the limit. Of course, we can answer each new client “Sorry, the problem is known, we are already working on it” and dwell on this. But then we will miss the opportunity of proactive communication - to stay in touch and keep customers up to date. Usedesk’s
    two features will help deal with such floods. 1. Templates. In order for clients to understand that everything is under control, we don’t forget the clients in the message text

    • apologize
    • report that the problem cleared up
    • briefly describe what went wrong and clarify the timing of the decision
    • tell you what steps you intend to take so that this does not happen again.

    In addition to the text, add to the template the tag “bug with payment” and the status “on hold”. This will help to highlight such messages and sort them in one fell swoop. 2. Manual rules. After the error has been fixed, we create a rule based on our tag, which sends an email notification that the bug has been defeated in an unequal fight. Now we start the rule with one click and go to drink the well-deserved tea, because we saved 30 minutes of manual labor. Customers will appreciate the update and will definitely tell you about it.

    Do you want a feature? I have them.

    From the moment we launch, we receive requests for new features. In order not to keep in mind who asked us what, we use tags for popular ideas in the same way as in the case of bugs.
    As soon as we implemented the reports, we immediately notified the companies that needed them. In addition to active customers, we also sent notifications to those who refused to use Usedesk without reporting. Not everyone returned aboard, but we received +5 registrations thanks to this campaign. A simple way helped to win back several customers. You make sure that customers receive important news for them, and they feel that their needs are not forgotten.

    After May we will return just with the description of new useful functionality. Do not miss :)