Macros in Scala, Eugene Burmako. Screencast, slides and photos from scalaby # 6

Published on November 04, 2011

Macros in Scala, Eugene Burmako. Screencast, slides and photos from scalaby # 6

    At the 6th meeting of the #scalaby community , Eugene Burmako , an EPFL doctoral candidate , and a member of the Scala development team, Martin Odersky, spoke . The theme of the presentation was “The Kepler Project” - he’s been late on adding macros to Scala, which Eugene has been working on over the past month.

    The report covered a wide range of topics: from conceptual (what are macros, and why do modern developers need them) to practical ones (what are macros in other languages, what practical value will macros bear in Scala, and how they can be implemented and integrated into tongue).

    Of all the meetings held, in my subjective opinion, this was one of the best. There are several reasons for this:
    • Eugene's sense of humor, and his deep insight in the matter;
    • The whole meeting had only one central theme, on which attention was focused. There was enough time to fully reveal it, answer all interesting questions, and even, in places, “delve into the wilds”;
    • By the 6th meeting, many members of the group had already met each other (at least, became familiar :-)), and, therefore, all the discussions in the process are now not only constructive, but also quite emotional.

    Once again, huge respect to the guys from Grodno, who were able to come to the meeting on Saturday, despite the fact that the announcement was made only on Monday!

    Throughout the meeting, a screencast was recorded , so on the soundtrack you will find not only an interesting story by Eugene, but also answers to questions from the audience, with stormy off-screen discussions.

    In addition, you can see the presentation slides , and Eugene’s feedback about the meeting in his LiveJournal.

    UPD: By the way, the founder and inspirer of our Belarusian Scala community Vasily Remenyuk will be happy to receive an invite at .