Sony PlayStation Network is phased in

Published on May 15, 2011

Sony PlayStation Network is phased in

    Sony today announced the successful restoration of the Sony PlayStation Network in some regions. According to company representatives, PSN is recovering in stages, and now a significant part of PSN users can return to their accounts again. However, not all problems have been resolved, as a result of which some users will still not be able to log into their account or register. In addition, a PSN user who wants to start working with the service again must install the new PlayStation 3 firmware, which increases the security of access to the network and allows you to change your password.

    Representatives of the corporation once again said that they could not exclude the possibility that millions of credit card numbers were compromised. So far, there is no evidence for this fact, however, there are periodic reports that a certain group of people is trying to sell several million credit card numbers on the Web, claiming that this is the data of PSN users. How things really are is unknown.

    As for the PSN, this service began to "revive" on Saturday, but then some problems started again, and today, on Sunday, some PSN users got access to the functions of the service. True, the European segment of the network does not seem to be working yet, because when I try to access the PSN website, I personally see the message “Website is temporarily unavailable due to technical work. We recommend visiting the sites listed below. ” In addition, there is a notice that “ is undergoing essential maintenance and is currently unavailable. In the meantime, you can visit the websites below. "

    By the way, a phased restoration of the service’s work actually means that PSN is being “revived” in different countries and individual states of such regions as both America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. As previously reported, Sony hopes to fully restore its online services by the end of May.

    Well, in the meantime, have to apologize for the thousandth time and bow, bow, bow. Due to hacking and inoperative services, Sony suffers multimillion-dollar losses, buyers turn PS3 consoles back to stores, plus the company's shares fall in price. One must think that after the restoration of the services, everything will gradually return to normal, the stock will rise in price, the consoles will start to be sold again, but the trust of users in the PSN and Sony protection system as a whole has been undermined quite a lot, and it will be very difficult to return it.

    Via Yahoo