Lexand Callisto Review: Smartphone with Navigator Ears

Published on June 27, 2013

Lexand Callisto Review: Smartphone with Navigator Ears

    Until now, the Lexand brand has been firmly associated with navigators and recorders. In these areas, the brand’s dynamics remain: a good line of GPS “conductors” for Android has appeared, and among the “video witnesses” Lexand LR-4500 has earned the hit status. Now Lexand is clearly striving for “umbrella” heights - an example of this is the recent pair of battery routers and a mobile router. Now we have before us the first smartphone of the brand - Lexand Callisto.

    First, you need to put some emphasis. Lexand Callisto is by no means a flagship product. Best of all, the niche model is characterized by a 5-inch WVGA-screen and support for two SIM-cards. As well as the MediaTek MT6577 processor. The device is worth 7 990 rubles. Therefore, the first thing to do is find out what the retail in the person of Yandex.Market thinks about the competitiveness of the new product. According to these key characteristics, one and a half pages of models are issued . And somehow I can’t say that in terms of price and performance the Lexand Callisto is inferior to competitors (well, or it looks unreasonably expensive). In general, the device for its category is not uninteresting - for this we proceed to a detailed study.

    Packaging and packaging

    The device is delivered in a laconic black package. Very even, it should be noted, weighty - the weight parameters of the “object” are affecting.

    Cable - charger - headset - there is no point in stopping at these points. Yes, yes. The headset will still have to be changed to something more decent.

    Before moving on to the main “feature” of the kit, I’ll say a few words about a competent glossy “guide”. The fact is that Lexand does not see its audience among the “geeks,” because the brand has provided its brand new product with a rather detailed Android manual. It is for us, the Habrahabrites, to no avail, but Lexand's concern for the "dummies" is visible to the naked eye.

    So, about the "chip". Included is a book cover, not quite ordinary. The design of the "clothes" is made in the form of a back cover with a fastened side to protect the screen. It turns out that on the one hand we immediately get a cover, and on the other - it seems like a spare cover is at hand. Such an accessory exists, for example, for the Samsung Galaxy S4 - the idea and design coincide almost completely.

    The minus of the “fashionable” case turned out to be exactly one. After receiving the Lexand Callisto for several days I could not understand why sometimes the screen of the smartphone randomly turns on. It turned out that Lexand overlooked the next moment. See the convex a la iPhone key under the screen? In addition to performing the home task, when the screen is off, it activates it. As you know, under pressure with the hard face of the case in your pocket or bag, the likelihood of a “false positive” is very high. I sincerely hope that Lexand will fix this "troubles" soon.

    And so - it’s quite cool that after the purchase you don’t have to shell out extra: such accessories cost several hundred rubles. But sometimes you even come across a sales assistant, who first of all with hope is trying to “squeeze” a smartphone into the “bumper” at the cost of almost a quarter of the phone itself.


    As far as I know, now manufacturers of smartphones are interested in the commercial use of a very interesting technology. Its essence is to use millimeter polymer plates to form a battery of any shape. Accordingly, in the near future we [probably] are waiting for bold experiments and innovative solutions in terms of ergonomics. In the meantime, I think with endless longing - what other new words can I characterize another rectangular smartphone with the same set of keys and connectors.

    Although I will not exaggerate too much. For example, the same round button brings at least some variety to the “classic appearance of an Android smartphone.

    Until recently, B-brands liked to “decorate” smartphones with shiny inserts. Here Lexand did not stint and gave a large shiny rim around the entire perimeter of the model. All in all, the Lexand Callisto looks like a regular workhorse. To brag about this will not work, but it is also deprived of the elusive spirit of mediocrity of the design of two-year symbols of last year.

    You will not surprise anyone with the high build quality. So Lexand Callisto once again reminds that even in relatively inexpensive smartphones, the lack of crackling in the case is more a rule than an exception. The material of the back cover is the usual soft-touch plastic, I think everyone knows. In ergonomics, I liked that the power and volume buttons are located “under the fingers”. Even in flagships, this is far from always found, which sometimes seriously affects usability. Plus, the keys in the Lexand Callisto protrude above the body in such a way as to not catch the eye, but have a normal course and easily be detected by touch. And then after all, in another flagship (hello, HTC One), you can hardly find where the top is, and where is the bottom and volume rockers.


    Here we are waiting for direct greetings from the world of navigators. Because only there manufacturers call WVGA only HD-resolution :) Here Lexand in the display specifications indicates: “5.0 inches, HD (800 x 480).” In fact, this is a typical 5-inch TFT-touch screen with good sensitivity, but noticeable soiled. Fortunately, the display returns to its pristine purity with just one swipe of the entire “body” of the finger across the surface. The brightness margin is normal, but in the sun it is better not to work with games or programs with faded tones. Viewing angles are small, the inversion appears only when the upper part of the screen approaches the user.


    The front 1.3 MP honestly fulfills the task of “identify the owner in the video chat,” and more from such a camera is not required. The rear 8 megapixel records do not hit the speed of shooting and prefer static objects. To get a good shot, you should provide appropriate lighting. I think the “glamorous chicks” in the dimly lit restrooms of fashion clubs will not like taking pictures in front of a mirror with Lexand Callisto. Nevertheless, he copes with the function of a kind of entry-level soap box. I am glad that they did not cut down the standard shooting interface - there are HDR, panoramas, and detailed settings such as brightness, contrast and sharpness.


    In fact, what can be said about the bunch of MediaTek MT6577 (1 GHz), 512 MB of RAM and PowerVR SGX531 graphics? The smartphone doesn’t work too fast, it’s better to leave multitasking to “gigabyte” models - here the limited amount of RAM also affects. On the other hand, if a browser or other application is launched, crashes or causeless delays in work will not disturb.

    In the gaming issue, the chipset of stars from the sky is not enough, but the gamers do not create frank “infringements”. For example, in Real Racing 3 the sound is wildly slow, but the picture remains more than playable. In other blockbusters such as Frontline Commando, everything is also predictable: in some places you have to endure “platform costs”, but there are no critical long-term drops in FPS.


    By default, Lexand Callisto has Android 4.0.4 installed. As you know, the appearance of updated versions of the system does not depend on the brand at all, but on the chip maker. In this case, it is known for certain that MediaTek developed an update for MT6577 to Android 4.1 (more precisely, to 4.1.2). Whether the official “new thing” for Lexand Callisto will be released is a big question, taking into account the brand’s debut in the field of smartphones.

    The appearance of the operating system in Lexand did not begin to touch, focusing on software content. Here you have the Dr.Web Light antivirus, Odnoklassniki, and the flashlight, and (where without it) Navitel Navigator. In a good way, I would like to see a paid license, but no - navigation is provided in a 60-day trial version. In general, blaming Lexand Callisto for software is not at all. In the end, the brand again took care of the “average” buyer, trying to provide a smartphone with wide functionality “out of the box”.


    2,000 mAh was enough to deplete the Lexand Callisto after about a day and a half, depending on the load. The Antutu Battery Test revealed 557 points, which is a good result. The main thing is that with Lexand Callisto you can be sure that you don’t have to look for an outlet until the end of the working day.


    Lexand Callisto is nothing more than a reasonable solution for those who do not seek to get the perfect design "for show-offs" and beautiful technical specifications. The model provides support for a pair of SIM cards, web surfing, games, navigation and other attributes of a smartphone on a large screen (with a small resolution). In my opinion, in a good way, Lexand should have included a car holder in the kit. This is influenced by the profile activities of the brand and the features of the device. Lexand Callisto costs, I repeat, 7,990 rubles.

    There are no global flaws in the device. If the brand removes the option to turn on the screen from the round button, it will be just wonderful. As a result, I can recommend the model for consideration if for any reason you are among the consumers with such requirements for a smartphone .