Second Wave of Coworking Centers: Coverage, Flacon Coworking, Dial

Published on February 06, 2012

Second Wave of Coworking Centers: Coverage, Flacon Coworking, Dial

    Despite the closure of many first-wave coworking centers and constant claims of non-profitability, the coworking movement is livelier than all living things. According to DeskMag, the leading coworking publication, only from May to November 2011 the number of coworking centers in the world increased from 820 to 1,100 . Russia is not far behind, and new places continue to open up.

    Coverage Area (St. Petersburg)

    Coworking center and educational club, which grew out of the HomeWork apartment coworking project . The project is supported by the StartFellows fund Pavel Durov and Yuri Milner. 

    Coverage is in the territory Smolninskiy bakery, next to the Loft project Floor and Design Club and hand-made DeLa`Ruk. At 670 square meters there will be an open space for coworking, two event zones, a kitchen and two mini-offices for small teams. The educational portal Attention TV, the architectural studio oneione and the St. Petersburg editorial office of the city's Internet newspaper The Village are planning to move to the Action Zone by the first day of the project.

    Opening: February 24, 2012
    Prices.A fixed workplace costs 7,000 rubles a month, floating - 4,000 rubles a month. A club card that gives access to all events will cost 800 rubles. A. 


    flacon coworking (Moscow)

    © photo: the official website of flacon cowrking

    Flacon coworking is a two-level workroom with an area of ​​300 square meters with the possibility of organizing work groups for up to 6 people. The center is located on the territory of the Flacon design factory, next to dozens of other creative projects.

    Opening: September 2011
    Prices. tariff “Week” - 2 600 rubles, tariff “Month” - 8 800 rubles, tariff “Month comfort” - 9 900 rubles (fixed workstation.


    Dial (Moscow)

    (c) photo by Lena Bobrovich The

    dial poses the main task of creating a cozy home atmosphere without restaurant pathos so that a person can relax for a while from the crazy fuss of a big city. In the "Dial" you can drink tea, good coffee. You can bring food and drinks with you. You can work, be creative, relax with friends, read a book, in general, do whatever your heart desires with the exception of alcohol and smoking (you can smoke on the street).

    Now the dial is deploying a national network, two points in Moscow and several more in the regions.

    Opening: Dial on Pokrovka, October 2011
    Prices. The first hour costs 2 rubles per minute, the further time costs 1 ruble per minute.

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