Cloud Computing EPAM Open Day Organizational Report

Published on May 27, 2012

Cloud Computing EPAM Open Day Organizational Report


    The fourth Open Day from Epam Systems was successfully held on May 20 , in the already traditional meeting place - IT-cafe. This time the theme of the day was Cloud, which brought together over a hundred people. Such an interest was a pleasant, but nevertheless, surprise. Not only Kharkovites were present in the hall; guests from Kiev, Minsk and other cities visited us. Due to the limited number of seats, not everyone was able to attend the event (the number of people registered doubled the number of seats). Epam promises to take this experience into account and to create more places for visitors in subsequent events.
    Representatives of the majority of Kharkiv IT companies came to listen to the speakers' reports. An extensive program, seven speakers, awaited visitors.
    Ivan Pesin (Lviv) clearly showed how to create real LAMP infrastructure on Amazon AWS, and Eli Feldman (New York) explained why EPAM decided to build its Private Cloud.

    Andrey Gusev Cloud Computing Definition: 5-4-3
    Introduction within which the basic concepts of Cloud Computing will be determined Presentation

    Ivan Pesin Amazon AWS. Create elastic environment in 15 minutes the
    practical part in which our Lviv guest will create a real LAMP infrastructure on Amazon AWS, configure an automatic scaling policy and conduct stress testing of the created infrastructure.

    Eli Feldman EPAM Cloud Software Stack
    Why did EPAM decide to build its Private Cloud? By what principle were the main structural blocks chosen? What technical and organizational problems did this arise? What experience has been gained? Eli Feldman answered these and not only these questions in his report. Presentation

    Alexander Raskosov EPAM Cloud Orchestrator as unified mobile management console
    How to make DevOps work comfortable? How to maintain versatility while not overloading the API with excessive detail? How to make infrastructure management truly mobile? Presentation

    Alena Matokhina Migration to Cloud: experience of 30 projects
    As a result of the migration of more than 30 projects to the “clouds”, we can conclude that many developers and project managers confuse the concepts of virtual hosting and cloud computing. Presentation

    Alexey Tregubov Unified EPAM Cloud Migration flow The
    report is dedicated to the solution that has been found, which helps to avoid unexpected troubles and unify the migration process. Presentation

    Sergey Krishtop Cloud Services for Developers
    The report presents an analysis of 2 different approaches in developing applications for cloud services using the Infrastructure-as-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-Service (PaaS) models. EPAM Cloud was chosen as the infrastructure solution, Microsoft Azure was chosen as the platform. Presentation


    During the event, the speakers united in a team and had an active discussion with the audience, not only during breaks, but also after the end of the event. If we talk about the features of this Epam Open Day, then he, like no other, was distinguished by the audience’s interest in reports and the general positive atmosphere.
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