Emercoin cost has reached historic highs

Published on May 16, 2017

Emercoin cost has reached historic highs

    Another historic event for the Emercoin coin happened the other day: the rate of this cryptocurrency officially exceeded $ 1.

    It happened on May 13, Saturday, when the cost of Emercoin reached $ 1.04 .

    Here, it’s not so much the amount that is impressive (against the background of a bitcoin rushing to a mark of 2K, it’s hard to surprise), as a dynamic. Since its launch, Emerokin has risen in price constantly. Exactly one year before the intersection of the dollar mark, the cost of the coin was 17 cents - for 12 months the cryptocurrency went up 6 times. One of the factors of the last surge in the value of the coin was the addition of “Emercoin” to the largest mining pools F2pool and Mergemining .

    Emercoin is not only a cryptocurrency, but a technological platform, a peculiar ecosystem of solutions on the blockchain. And the rise in the value of our coin is not due to purely speculative factors, but to the development of technologies based on Emerokina. As the announcement and introduction of new solutions at Emera, we look forward to further increase in cost - the next order this year at least.
    - Evgeny Shumilov, founder and CEO of Emercoin

    The opening of the Chinese and Hong Kong areas of Emercoin is being prepared, which, among other things, will sell our solution to combat counterfeiting on the EmcDPO technology.

    The Emercoin blockchain will have the workflow of the emerging Cryptobank Polybius , which will be launched on ICO in the near future.

    We are also preparing to launch a mobile multi-case from Emercoin with a built-in exchange and tools for merchants. And this is only those announcements that we can do now. Join the Emercoin family !