Google draws up a patent for the introduction of a computer in the eye

Published on April 30, 2016

Google draws up a patent for the introduction of a computer in the eye

    Google and other technology companies tend to patent technologies that never enter the mainstream market. Just in case it is better to file a patent application, but what if it turns out?

    A new patent from Google, just one of those, is the method of implant insertion inside the eyeball. An electronic device in the eye contains a storage medium, sensors, a radio transmitter, a battery and a lens.

    As stated in the patent application dated April 28 , the device is embedded in the intraocular fluid, then solidifies and is attached to the lens capsule - a transparent membrane. The operation involves a preliminary "removal of the natural lens from the capsule."

    The implant receives energy remotely using an antenna. Built-in electronics controls the focus of light on the retina, effectively replacing the natural lens. Thus, Google’s “artificial eye” will help people with myopia or hyperopia restore good vision.

    The patent also describes an external device that communicates with the computer in the eye.

    Google is not the first time eyeing a person’s eyes as a user-friendly interface. In 2014, the company developed contact lenses with an integrated display .

    Electronics is glued between two layers of soft material. An antenna is laid across the diameter, with which the lens receives energy and sends sensor readings about blood sugar (you can watch them on a smartphone).

    Diabetes mellitus is a common disease that affects more than 5% of the world's population. Contact lenses are the most convenient way to measure sugar levels. If they are not, then you have to constantly donate blood or wear a subcutaneous sensor.

    Some commentators believe that the Google patent should not be registered, because the invention called the Eyephone has already been mentioned in the works of popular culture, namely, in the third episode of the sixth season of the Futurama cartoon. It aired on July 1, 2010.

    According to the plot of the episode " Attack of a Slaughter Application, " Mommy Corporation introduced a novelty called eyePhone ("iPhone", which translates to Glazofon) - high-tech gadget that is inserted into the eye. True, the “multi-faceted” eyePhone was equipped with a projector and had access to the Internet, while not replacing the real lens.