Film all: Canon stopped selling film cameras

Published on June 01, 2018

Film all: Canon stopped selling film cameras

    Canon announced yesterday that it had stopped selling the latest EOS-1v film camera model. This is a professional camera, which appeared in the year 2000. Production of this model was stopped in 2010, and until now, the Japanese company has sold the cameras from their warehouses.

    True, technical support will continue to be active, up to 2025. Canon, after October 31, 2020, reserves the right to refuse repair if the necessary components are not available.

    The EOS-1v is a fifth-generation professional mirror camera. She became the fastest among film cameras with a movable mirror. True, the record was broken in 2007 - then the camera came forward from Nikon, which could shoot at a speed of 11 frames per second. The design of the latest Canon SLR camera's case proved so successful that it was used for the development of other models, including the EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds.

    In principle, film companies sell and other companies, so that the instant "death" of such systems will not. For example, Nikon still sells models FM10 ($ 570 in the US) and F6 ($ 2,670).

    Some photographers continue to use cameras of this type, considering them in some cases better than digital ones. Other art lovers use film cameras to understand how it all worked before.