Huawei can buy Russian company "Vokord"

Published on January 25, 2019

Huawei can buy Russian company "Vokord"

    One of the world's largest manufacturers of smartphones became interested in Russian technologies . The Vocord company, the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of professional video surveillance and audio recording systems, has got into the field of vision of the Chinese Huawei. In the company's product portfolio:

    • VOCORD FaceControl and VOCORD FaceControl 3D face recognition systems designed for biometric identification on a person’s face;
    • photo and video recording systems for traffic violations and traffic analysis;
    • systems of intellectual video surveillance and audio registration, on the basis of which complex geographically distributed projects are implemented.

    The facial recognition algorithms developed by the company rank first in the world in the international ranking of the University of Washington (Megaface competition). “Vokorda” products are entirely their own developments, the company's specialists carry out the entire production cycle from scratch: develop, design and produce all their own products.

    It is easy to guess why Huawei wants to buy one of the best face recognition systems in the world, and not burdened with patents. Vocord is one of the strongest players on the face recognition market in Russia, and Huawei has just opened a research center in the field of artificial intelligence, which requires personnel, said Alexander Khanin, general director and founder of VisionLabs.

    VOCORD FaceControl 3D

    Three sources on the market told Kommersant that Vocord could be sold to a foreign investor. According to two of them, the Chinese Huawei is interested in acquiring the company.

    However, all this is still at the level of rumors. The press service of "Vokorda" does not confirm the information, Huawei declined to comment.

    According to experts, Vocord can be estimated at between $ 2-3 million and $ 20-30 million.

    In the field of biometric technologies, including speech recognition, speech recognition, voice verification, etc., Russian developments traditionally include in the number of the best in the world. Naturally, they attract the attention of investors. For example, recently the British BeMyEye acquired the Russian Streetbee in exchange for 20% of its shares, Kommersant writes. Its software recognizes images and analyzes the condition of the shelves in retail outlets. In October, Reuters reported that Sberbank could buy Speech Technology Developer speech recognition systems from Gazprombank for about 5 billion rubles. At the end of 2017, the same Sberbank acquired 25.07% of VisionLabs, which creates software for face recognition.

    According to Orange Business Services, the annual volume of the corporate video analytics market by 2023 will be about € 20 million in Russia. The technology can be used for security and identification in financial and state institutions.