The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 281 developer (January 7 - 13)

Published on January 13, 2019

The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 281 developer (January 7 - 13)

    Welcome to the new year! Thank you for reading our digests and sharing! This week we have a wonderful story about how to remain without Baldy, the most earned and downloaded applications in different categories, fast files, application marketing in 2019 and much more.

    Patent trolls start and win: how I was left without a game

    Everything is very simple: from the end of 2017, LLC Paritet Lift became the exclusive holder of the “Balda” trademark, and only Parity Lift has the right to produce games with this name. In early 2018, dozens of different games called “Balda” were removed from the app stores. Only one remained, protected by Rospatent.

    New Developer Economics survey

    More than 20,000 respondents took part in the new Developer Economics survey. Join now! Answer questions about your developer skills and win great prizes.

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    • (+34)  How to embed a C-library in a Swift framework
    • (+3)  Holding down imperatives
    • The App Store completes the record year 2018 with the most cash pre- Christmas week
    image New Year project - a 7-day movie application
    iOS Project Template: template iOS project with all

    Android integrations

    •(+11)  Navigation inside Android apps
    • (+7)  Parse & Android: recommendations for novice developers
    Android Dev Podcast # 83. New Year's Results
    image We create a voice recorder at Kotlin
    image Thoughts after two years of work by Android developer
    image Android SDK: Drawing with patterns
    image Background tasks in Android: we use WorkManager
    image Dependency injection in a multi-module project
    image Kissme: a multi-platform library for secure storage on Kotlin
    StfalconPriceRangeBar : a library for adding a price range with a schedule like in Airbnb


    •(+ 83)  What's wrong with GraphQL  +  And how to deal with it
    • (+25)  Mathematics in Gamedev is simple. Triangulation and Triangle.Net in Unity
    • (+22)  “Why you need to get fast”: Steve Cotton from Bungie about the creative process in the company
    • (+20)  Game development and diploma defense or “How I killed two birds with the first pancake”
    • ( 20)  Architectural solutions for mobile games. Part 1: Model  + Part 2: Command and their queues
    • (+19)  An example client-server application on Flutter
    • (+19)  Use SQLite in Flutter
    • (+12) How to work with Shader Graph in Unity3D
    • (+9)  Application state management in Flutter
    • (+4)  Flutter: is it worth starting
    ? • Unity has banned SpatialOS
    In AWS, replaced MongoDB with its database
    Square released the SDK for Android, iOS and Flutter
    Corona game 2D engine becomes open
    image React Native development status at the beginning of 2019
    image Jibe social platform: UX research
    Figma Export: export of components from Figma documents

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • (+12) Promotion of a mobile application on real experience in numbers
    Forecasts: Mobile marketing in 2019
    ASO is a fiction?
    Most downloaded travel apps
    Best earning dating apps
    Mobile - one of the ways to survive the retail apocalypse
    Best earning apps in the Health & Fitness category
    image Gamification: motivation model
    image Best analytical platforms for iOS applications

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+48)  Adblock Radio Development
    • (+17)  Data Science: books for entry level
    The smartphone market in Russia set a new record
    image Analyze football using Tensorflow and OpenCV
    image Step-by-step guide to creating a simple AI for playing chess

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