The best books, articles and resources for beginner products: advised by the authors of product Telegram channels

Published on June 06, 2018

The best books, articles and resources for beginner products: advised by the authors of product Telegram channels

    Camilla Salieva, author of Telegram channel for IT specialists Analysis Paradisis , told the Netology blog that practicing products and authors of well-known product Telegram channels recommend reading to novice product managers.

    Vladimir Mirolyubov

    CEO Epicstars, author of the Product Management channel and The Unicorn Bot

    I strongly recommend reading the book from the guys from Intercom, which are suitable for products of any level: Intercom On Starting Up and Intercom on Onboarding . Books describe well both the development process of online products and the further process of working with its users and traffic. Well, I can not help but advise my own benefit for all novice products " Product management: from idea to product ."

    Mike Rudenko

    Product consultant Founder in, author of the channel Produktologika

    Market-Oriented Management ”, Jean-Jacques Lambin. This is a very correct book from the point of view of marketing ideology and consumer orientation. It gives a good basis for marketing.

    " People who play games, " Eric Bern. Transactional analysis, which is discussed in this book, allows a much better understanding of what drives people.

    " The new behavioral economics ", Richard Thaler. Lets understand that people rarely make decisions rationally. The Innovator

    's Dilemma , Clayton M. Christensen. On the mechanism that underlies the emergence of new products and markets.

    No Logo. People vs. Brands , Naomi Klein. It is just important to know.

    Sergey Prikhodko

    Product Manager at Wearebrain, author of the Product Backlog channel

    Lists are subjective. What is useful to one, the other will be meaningless, and the role of the product is very different from company to company. These books will help lift the veil of secrecy - what do product managers do. They will be a good introduction to the profession, and then you need to choose literature depending on the situation and requirements.

    " Inspired ", Marty Cagan. What exactly should a product manager do? What experience and skills should he have? When to say “No”? How to make the product loved? This book has the answers.

    " Hooked ", Nir Eyal. The book provides instructions on how to get the user to "sit down" on the product, developing the habit of constantly using it. It helps to understand why successful products are successful.

    " Intercom on Product Management ". Intercom just share their experience building a product. Nevertheless, this book should be read, because almost all phases of product development are described here - from planning new functionality to improving user engagement and communicating value.

    « Of The the Product of Lean the Playbook », Dan Olsen. On the principles of Lean in the construction of products. How to understand who your users? How to quickly make mistakes and draw conclusions from mistakes, and most importantly, how to find a product-market fit.

    " Product Leadership ", Richard Banfield. The book provides an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others and experience. Top product managers tell you how to launch the best products and build successful teams.

    Arkady Chugunov

    Product Manager at Yandex.Afisha, author of the POV channel

    Basic books about startups, management, and so on - here I don’t want to advise anything concrete, everything is written about the same thing, you can simply take the top 3 books on the topic you are interested in in ratings on Amazon or Goodreads. The guys from Skyeng made their list , with expert evaluation from Russian entrepreneurs and product managers. There are more than 800 books in the list - there are plenty to choose from. From the less obvious, I would advise The School of Life channel on YouTube - they make very cool videos about everything important in life: relationships with oneself, with loved ones, with colleagues. Empathy is the main skill of a designer or product manager, and School of Life commercials develop it better than business books.

    And even better, it develops travel, good movies and fiction. It may seem that this is nonsense, why should I waste time on lyrics when I do business. But I believe that in the humanistic picture of the world business follows the product, and not vice versa. And to create something really necessary, you need to understand people well.

    In order to somehow balance such an idealistic approach, I would recommend the recent simulator course on product analytics Go Practice from Oleg Yakubenkov (now an analyst on Facebook, before Yandex, Zeptolab, MSQRD). And still read the Telegram-channel of Arkady Moreynis "The Dark Side " - a constant source of new perspectives on business, start-ups, investments, marketing, education.

    Evgeny Kaznacheev

    Head of Product in Ecwid, author of the Qetzal-1UP channel

    There are many excellent books and resources, but this ten is the most important in my opinion.

    1. Badass: Making Users Awesome ”, Kathy Sierra. A good book about onboarding.

    2. The Lean Startup ”, Eric Ries. How to quickly run and test new things. There are in Russian.

    3. " The Mom Test ", Rob Fitzpatrick. How to conduct an interview and how to ask questions. There are in Russian.

    4. " When coffee and Kale compete ", Alan Klement. The book about the jobs-to-be-done framework.

    5. The Four Steps to the Epiphany ”, Steve Blank.About testing the idea of ​​a future product on potential consumers. There are in Russian.

    6. Don't Make Me Think A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, ” Steve Krug. About the design. There are in Russian.

    7. Thinking, Fast and Slow ”, Daniel Kahneman. A book about how we think. There are in Russian.

    8. To read every week one or two articles from these lists:

    9. Another good selection of articles and books about product management and recommended articles from the Harvard Business School course about PM.

    10. Lecture notes from Y Combinator “ Startup School Online 2017 ” and “ How to Start a Startup ”.

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