PrivatBank began selling soylent

Published on April 26, 2016

PrivatBank began selling soylent

    I don’t need to explain what PrivatBank is. Some may already know what “soylent” is if they read this “ Soilent 2.0 - the liquid food of the future for the fight against snacks and fast food ” or any other article about this product. But the majority still may not be aware of what kind of “soylent” is for the product, so I will describe what it is and what it is eaten with (literally and figuratively).

    Soylent (eng. Soylent) - a drink designed according to the intention of the creator, American entrepreneur and programmer Rob Rhinehart, to completely replace traditional food. Contains all substances necessary for life support: carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, fats, fiber, calcium and much more. Developed in 2013, from April 2014 comes in the form of powder, soluble in water. From August 2015, a drinking version is also available. Soilent 2.0 (yes, this food product has versions - its recipe is periodically improved and an upgrade is under way, so to speak).


    The composition of the product, a screenshot from Wikipedia:

    Here is the site itself , here is the English Wikipedia , which tells about the product and its history in more detail than in the Russian , and below are a few articles where you can get information, both for and against its use. I will highlight a couple of points from the articles, but if you are wondering why such a product attracted more than two million dollars of investments, you can read them completely. Other sites are also available on the network with opinions of people who take soylent for some time and write their comments and comments about it. :
    Entrepreneurs call several advantages of soylent over regular food.
    1. Save time. No need to go shopping, choose foods, cook them, wash dishes, etc. Soylent fits perfectly into a programmer or knowledge worker. The feeling of hunger will never distract from work.
    2. Saving money. No utensils, cutlery, dishwasher, stove, microwave. Only 1 cup is needed. :
    The idea to mix all the nutrients that we need during the day, in one cocktail, which we don’t even need to warm up, came to Rob Rinehart in 2013 during a hard drinking work on a startup. He lived in San Francisco, he worked around the clock, and he did not have time to even go out to buy frozen dumplings at the 24-hour convenience store.

    In the instructions for my food cocktail, it was written that it is impossible to switch over to the Soylent diet abruptly: it is necessary to replace meals gradually, so that the body becomes accustomed. At first, for example, only refuse dinner, then dinner and dinner, and on the third day you can become a full-fledged Soylent-adept. Man of the future. So I did.

    And the article I mentioned at the beginning of this post :
    The product created a real sensation, especially among scientists, engineers and students who would prefer to switch from traditional food to Solent during periods when they are too busy programming or studying, and they do not have time to cook.

    So, the product was created mainly to save time and money and is interesting for geeks. So interesting that one of the most technological banks in Ukraine, PrivatBank, realized the possibility of ordering it in Privat24 for Android. This is very unexpected.

    Here's what the updated Privat24 menu for Android looks like when ordering a drink:

    ( empty space in the screenshots - the personal data I filled out ).

    Thus, the phrase “buy soylent in Ukraine” is now not devoid of meaning. And this is not an April Fool's joke, as it may seem from the video that appeared on the main page of Privat24 in early April:

    (now there is already another video, but you can go to this by pressing right a couple of times)

    This is reality - now, in addition to conducting standard banking services, using Privat, you can try a non-standard product like soilent.