Fidget Cube: a magic cube that allows you to simultaneously calm down and concentrate

Published on December 16, 2016

Fidget Cube: a magic cube that allows you to simultaneously calm down and concentrate

    Do you like to click the pen button? And twist it in your hands? Psychologists say that the overwhelming majority of people like it, whether they realize it or not. It doesn't matter if it is a pen, coin, pencil or phone. But now there is one thing that can replace a coin, a pen, and everything else. This is the Fidget Cube, a mechanical device designed to help people calm down. Plus, this gadget provides an opportunity to concentrate on solving a task.

    Externally, the mechanical device really looks like a cube, on each side of which there is a lever, a button, a switch, a ball, a notch or a wheel. The creators of the Fidget Cube say that if you use the device regularly, then the nerves will be fine (better, of course, just do not worry about trifles, but few are capable of it). Well, now more.

    So what are you, Fidget Cube?

    According to the developers, the gadget is a combined system that includes a large number of “sensorimotor relaxation and concentration tools”. There is even a recess, which is made in the image and likeness of jade stones "calm" from ancient China. The Chinese, and not only them, have been using “stones of anxiety” for relaxation for thousands of years.

    In addition to the notch, the following elements can be seen on the Fidget Cube:

    • Buttons . There are only five of them. There are buttons that make sounds when pressed, there are buttons that are quiet, they should be used, for example, in the office, where employees are annoyed by clicking sounds.
    • Joystick . Even if the user is not a gamer, this element can help him cope with stress. Below is a video, showing how this element works.
    • Switch . Children love to press the switch, they are able to do it for a very long time. Admit it - sometimes you yourself want to push on the light switch in the office or at home? But the thought that it is somehow not serious, stops.
    • Ball and wheels . Well, everything is so clear. Plus, you can also click on the ball, it will click. One of the most attractive sides of the cube.
    • Disk with a small handle . The last in the arsenal of the Fidget Cube is a means of sedation and concentration. This disc allows you to think about a serious task, without being distracted by anything except its rotation. Cool.

    Where can I use the Fidget Cube?

    In general, everywhere. At the office, on the road (of course, not driving), during training, at a meeting or while watching TV. Relaxation cube is small, fits easily into a pocket or bag. Are you nervous? We take Fidget Cube and begin to cope with stress.

    According to experts, even people who are not too nervous usually get pleasure when they turn the Fidget Cube in their hands. So it can be used without a special purpose - for pleasure, for example. Even this cube will be happy to young children, which were already discussed above.

    The extent to which network users liked this magic cube can be judged by the amount of campaign funds on Kickstarter. Already $ 6,465,690 has been collected instead of ... $ 15,000 of the planned amount. Pre-order for the cube made 154926 Becker - if you think that this is the population of a small city.

    Well, ok, I want to buy a Fidget Cube. Where can this be done?

    There is no problem - this mechanical gadget can be purchased from us at Madrobots. By the way, half of our employees are already walking with such cubes, and the other half are jealous of the first and regularly go to the warehouse to find out if a new party has arrived.

    We still have part of the first delivery, but this is for customers. So hurry, and then the staff, uneven hour, disassemble the rest. Yes, the Fidget Cube is now available in gray and white. In general, such cubes are still pink, green and other colors.

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