FCS offers to reduce the duty free threshold to zero

Published on June 18, 2018

FCS offers to reduce the duty free threshold to zero

    The ACIT initiative , about which the head of ACIT Alexey Fedorov spoke about less than a year ago, has now been approved by the Federal Customs Service. Now they have already received a proposal to completely reset the duty-free threshold for all online purchases from abroad , and to introduce a single customs duty of 20% for all goods cheaper than 200 euros.

    Earlier, the head of ACIT proposed:
    “We adhere to the version that it is necessary to reduce it (threshold) to zero and, possibly, to differentiate, that is, parcels worth up to 20 euros should be taxed at 10%, up to 150 euros - 20%, parcels from 150 euros should be taxed at 30 % so that no parcel to the territory of the Russian Federation passed without tax
    Naturally, this will be done in order to make Russian online stores competitive, and to collect an additional many billion rubles into the country's budget. It is also planned to introduce regulation for foreign online stores that sell "prohibition" such as hidden cameras and GPS trackers. How they plan to force all sellers on Aliexpress to get permission to trade in such goods is not explained, but this should “protect Russian buyers from criminal liability.”

    Innovations are planned to stretch for a year and a half, so that the mail and customs have time to prepare. Despite the fact that the Russian Post recently requested that the limits not be reduced even to those values ​​that were planned earlier, otherwise it will remain completely without money.

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