Nutanix Discovery Kit - “Data Center in a Box”, more affordable than ever

    Last week, Nutanix announced for the EMEA region (and therefore for Russia) a special promotion program for the SMB market segment, which is called the Nutanix Discovery Kit .
    Under this program, we offer special prices for models that are most interesting for a small business. And these prices are so special that they will make it possible to get acquainted with Nutanix technologies even to those who still thought that with its budgets, it’s only the Russian server self-assembly that “shines” it.

    But first, what is the Discovery Kit.

    The Discovery Kit program includes two models of the “junior” segment of the Nutanix family, the NX-1320 and the NX-1350.

    “Three” in the model number means that three are installed in the 2U-system caseserver nodes, the fourth slot is free, and you can install another server node in it in the future, for example, if you do not have enough performance or cluster capacity by buying it separately. As I said earlier, the minimum configuration for building a cluster is just three nodes. Then you can add one node, each node added to the cluster increases its disk space and adds a new virtualization host.

    there are just 4 nodes in the block in the figure.

    The NX-1320 server node model includes:
    • 1x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620v2 (Ivy Bridge, 6xcores, 2.1GHz)
    • Memory - 64GB
    • HDD - 2x 1TB
    • SSD - 1x200GB (Intel S3700)
    • Network: 2x 1G Ethernet
    • Usable space (for a cluster of 3 nodes): 2.59TB

    You get three of these servers .

    Please note that the nodes of this model have NO 10G, which means, among other things, that it cannot be included in a common cluster with older models. Its scope is a separate cluster, for example, branches, small VDIs (about 12-15 VDI users such as Knowledge User (office users) per node), small infrastructure server farms (AD controller, etc) or, for example, remote sites for storing replicated from a "large" data cluster. This is the youngest model, and although it can functionally do everything that the "large" Nutanix systems can do, there is very little memory on it. Out of 64G, at least 16 “eat” Nutanix itself for internal needs.

    The model of the NX-1350 server node is:
    • 2x Intel Xeon Processor E5-2620 (Sandy Bridge, 12xcores, 2.0GHz)
    • Memory - 128GB
    • HDD - 4x 1TB
    • SSD - 1x400GB (Intel S3700)
    • Network: 2x 1G Ethernet + 2x 10G Ethernet
    • Usable space (for a cluster of 3 nodes): 5.65TB

    This is already an “adult” model, up to 70 VDI-users per node (this is 200 users per cluster), already quite productive server VMs, it is weaker in processor and memory size than our mainstream 3000 series, but its performance on even he can surprise disk operations.
    Discovery Kit is a real Nutanix, all honestly, no small gray fonts and asterisks. :)

    For example, why is one Nutanix NX-1350 enough, consisting, I recall, of three server nodes?
    Using our publicly available sizer , I made the following calculation:
    One NX-1350 is a platform for:
    • 100 VDI Profile of Knowledge User (2GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 disk IOPS, 10G gold image + 20G user data) in VMware View (with Linked Clones)
      plus here
    • 10 Small Virtual Profile Servers (2GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 50GB disk, 100 disk IOPS)
    • 10 Medium profile servers (4GB RAM, 2 vCPU, 50GB disk, 200 disk IOPS)
      plus here
    • SQL Server OLTP profile, with 2 base instances, 250GB bases, 2vCPU, 32GB RAM, 500 disk IOPS, 50/50 read / write, 40% working set.

    And that’s all - on the three nodes of the NX-1350.
    The three nodes of our “data center in a box” need only a couple (for fault tolerance) of 10G-switches (Arista preferred, but the choice of switch is yours, Nutanix can be used by anyone, Cisco Nexus, Extreme, we don’t care), and you get ready " data center ”, on which you can upload VM images and deploy them in production.

    The promo restrictions are simple: only a client new for the company, that is, one who has not bought it, and no more than two systems “in one hand” (a total of 6 nodes) can buy the Discovery Kit.
    Everything else is the same as for “adult” systems, including support for any of the three hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V or KVM), and all software features available for the installed license. That is, this is not some kind of limited edition, with which then there is nowhere else, no, it is a full-fledged, albeit not a super-powerful system, which can then grow by adding nodes (including another type) and thereby increasing its performance.

    And now, in conclusion, the most important thing.
    You all know that there isn’t one, there’s not a single vendor, not a single post about enterprise hardware, in which you wouldn’t be asked in the comments “how much does it cost?” Further, there usually representatives of the vendor begin to talk about the fact that the technique is complicated , it’s not easy to calculate the price, which is publicly the price, for various stupidit’s not accepted to name the reasons, and is stronger than blah blah and “call”.

    We do not change the policy for large projects (which really need to be discussed and considered for each specific case), but for the Discovery Kit, everything is much simpler.

    Here, now, Nutanix (through partners) is ready to take and name the price for all of the above, after our local partners have calculated all the overhead costs (logistics / customs / VAT). Without any “call”, without any “the price is determined by the local partner (having previously felt the thickness of your wallet) ”. Right now, the final price for the end customer, from a warehouse in Moscow, on DDP terms, delivery, customs clearance and VAT are included in the price . The final price. Point.

    So, the price for the Nutanix NX-1320 Discovery Kit (with Starter license) and the year of support for the Gold level (standard) is 25 750 USD . For a couple in one hand (the maximum amount for this promo) is 47,200 USD .
    The price for the Nutanix NX-1350 Discovery Kit (with a Starter license) and the year of support for the Gold level (standard) is 35,750 USD . For a couple - 67,200 USD .

    Now you know everything. :) Wellcome in comments and, of course, for the discovery of whales!

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