MacBook price analysis in different countries

    Prepared the second part of the review of prices for Apple products in Apple Store stores around the world. This time included prices "from Russia" represented by iPro. And also took into account the comments made in the comments to the previous review of prices for iPods.

    To be able to compare prices in different countries of the world, they were converted into rubles at official rates. In addition, prices for the MacBook line in Russia were also added in this review - the price tag of iPro, which is one of the main distributors of Apple products in Russia, was taken as a basis. And of course, I strictly ensured that prices for the MacBook in different Apple Store and iPro were taken for the same models.

    ( By reference are tables with prices and full-size charts )

    Lekgo traced this pattern: the most "free" laptops sold in Hong Kong and the United States, and the richest makovody live in Russia and Europe . We also watched with the prices of the iPod, except that the leaders among the most expensive European mac-countries have changed slightly.

    Europe on all the charts form such a “price step” through which the Russian price proudly looks at the rest of the world. This is absolutely true for all the younger models in each line of laptops. Only for some older models, Russia came up with a lower result, losing to the Scandinavians.

    Very graphically, the diagrams show a powerful price gap between the two MacBook Air models - in each country there is simply a “price gap” between the HDD and SSD models, almost twice. And the price of the Russian MacBook Air with an SSD screw almost reached 120 kilo rubles, while the “poor” Hong Kong people can also afford ~ ​​80 thousand rubles.

    On average, the Russian price from iPro is 1.5–2 times higher than in the cheapest Hong Kong. So, if anyone wants to go on holiday and buy a MacBook, then look for offers on trips to Asia.

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