Skype censorship


    This morning, several friends complained about the inability to transfer links via Skype and asked to check the computer for viruses. Having asked in more detail, it turned out that skype cuts out links from the popular online store (perhaps the other ones that I use only affected DX).

    Removal occurs regardless of platforms and client versions is very funny. The link first comes in and after a split second is deleted. Which means that all messages seem to be duplicated in some kind of robot, which already decides what to do with the message. For all this, if you edit the censored message, for example, put a space somewhere, the message does not go through the filter and normally reaches the addressee.

    Update: Links to group chats are uncensored.

    Update2: MERRON clarified that when sending from old clients, messages arrive uncensored. Tested on skype 5.5 for Windows XP / 7. Perhaps it is the client who sends the messages somewhere for moderation.

    Update3: A topic has been created in the Skype community forum about this , all new topics are redirected there.

    Update4: At noon on MSK, the following message appeared in the discussion.
    On my win | linux | android clients, links with dx began to reach normally. Nevertheless, the fact of having a censorship instrument remains a fact.

    Update5: 03/12/2015 16:00. Continuation of the banquet, this time under the distribution links like This was reported by the Meduza publishing house, which addressed the Aviasales employees for comments. representative Janis Dzenis told Meduza that the Russian branch of Skype does not know why the service does not skip links. “We sent screenshots to the London office, we will wait for comments from them,” he said. It is possible that you can get any official comments from Skype. Although it’s likely that they’ll always send a reply like that, in accordance with our privacy policy, we are forced to check spam links and the verification mechanism has failed.

    Update6: the filter also proved and

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