Weekly build Vivaldi


    We released an extraordinary assembly of the Vivaldi browser under the number As it turned out, Linux and Mac versions of the previous build were not protected from FREAK (vulnerability in SSL / TLS). In general, this vulnerability has been known for a long time and, for example, our Technical Preview 2, released last week, is completely protected from this new "popular" misfortune, but the correction was not included in the weekly build due to our oversight. Therefore, we prepared a new assembly with the necessary patch. You can download the updated version at the following links:

    The following changes were also made:

    • Added fix in boringSSL for FREAK vulnerability
    • VB-3917 Call correct closeTab action when keyboard closes the tab
    • Hide tooltip properly on mouseout
    • VB-4117 Tab tooltips show up when disabled

    We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .

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